Electric Ireland launches new green electricity price plan
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

The new product launch includes an allocation of €1.2 million in 2020 towards its 'Energy Saving Scheme', aimed at reducing fuel poverty.

As Ireland’s energy sector collectively braces itself ahead of meeting increasingly difficult renewable energy targets, companies on the ground are beginning to implement the changes required to make achieving said targets possible.

One of those companies is Electric Ireland which has just launched its Brighter Energy Programme and with it a new green energy product for climate-conscious consumers.

We take a look at the launch in more depth and see what’s going to be on the market in the near future...

Who is Electric Ireland?

Electric Ireland, rebranded back in 2011, is the retail arm of ESB Group and supplies gas and electricity to business and residential markets in both the Republic of Ireland and in the North of Ireland.

The energy provider is one of 13 suppliers in the Republic of Ireland and is widely recognised as Ireland’s leading energy provider. It now provides a supply of renewable energy products to the Irish market too.

What’s on offer

Electric Ireland has finally weighed into the renewable energy market and is now offering a range of green energy plans for residential and commercial customers, becoming the sixth provider of a 100% green electricity tariff in the Irish market.

The central tariff launched is its brand new 100% Green Electricity Price Plan. The plan will be available to new and existing residential customers from late January and will doubtless provide increased competition on green tariffs for climate-conscious customers.

Green electricity is generated from 100% verifiable renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power.

Currently just over approximately 60% of Ireland’s electricity is still generated through fossil fuels such as coal or peat.

What's more, Electric Ireland has promised that ‘customers who opt into this plan will continue to enjoy a discounted rate that will not disappear after year one.’

Executive Director of Electric Ireland, Marguerite Sayers said: 

“We’re acutely aware of what is happening in the world in which we live, and we’ve also listened to our customers. We’re committed to providing them, not only the best value offerings on an ongoing basis, but also an opportunity to contribute to combating climate change. We understand and acknowledge that many customers want to make a difference with their energy decisions.” 

The offering announced also includes a first for the market in the form of a Heat Pump Price Plan. This plan will provide customers whose home is heated with heat pump technology a “cost-efficient” price plan option.

As well as all of the above, Electric Ireland is offering an SME Green Tariff, available to new and existing SME customers.

Electric Ireland is further incentivising Irish customers to adopt green and renewable energy sources through its Energy Efficiency Incentive Scheme, which offers customers energy credit when they adopt certain energy efficiency measures in their home, such as roof insulation, heating control upgrades, and cavity wall insulation. Electric Ireland is also offering access to, and expert information on, a range of energy solutions such as solar panels, batteries for storing renewable energy, and home chargers for Electric Vehicles (EVs). An interest-free payment plan spread over 36 months is also available to customers who install solar panels in their home. 

Finally, for those homes that may experience fuel poverty, Electric Ireland’s innovative ‘Energy Saving Scheme’ will make €1.2m available in 2020 to ensure those customers can also be part of the energy revolution.

Commissioned research

As part of the campaign launch, Electric Ireland undertook commissioned research which shed some light on the interest and uptake of renewables in Ireland.

Some 81% of those surveyed said they believe energy providers should offer new products and services to help customers use their energy in a more sustainable way.

Meanwhile 58% of respondants thought energy companies should actively advise their customers on how to effectively reduce their carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency.

Finding the best tariff

With buzzwords like ‘energy targets’, ‘renewables’, and ‘carbon future’ circulating, it can be hard to tell the tariff from the trees. However, the full range of new green tariffs from Electric Ireland will be available through bonkers.ie near the end of January.

In the meantime, you can check out the full range of green energy tariffs currently available using our handy green energy comparison tool.

Alternatively, you can compare all energy suppliers here for a more comprehensive look at what tariffs are available.

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