Electric Ireland announces new gas and electricity loyalty discounts
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

Electric Ireland has just announced new loyalty discounts of up to 8.5% for existing customers, which could save householders up to €144 year on year.

More good news for Electric Ireland customers!

Paul Stapleton, General Manager of Electric Ireland has just announced on ‘Today with Sean O’Rourke’ on RTÉ Radio One that the company will be making substantial savings available to existing customers in addition to the 6% price cut they will all receive in June.

Just three weeks ago, Electric Ireland announced a 6% electricity price cut for all customers, taking its standard unit rate down to 15.12 cent per kWh (excluding VAT) and saving customers about €58 a year.

And today, a further saving of up to 8.5% has been made available to existing customers who actively opt in to the deal.

8.5% unit rate discount on offer to dual fuel customers

Customers who get their gas and electricity from Electric Ireland and sign up for direct debit and ebilling can get an 8.5% unit rate discount on gas and electricity. Customers on standard rates that are already paying by direct debit and receiving ebills can also opt in and receive the 8.5% discount. Combined, the discounts will save an average household €144 per year.

With the 8.5% electricity discount added on to the 6% price reduction that all customers will receive on June 1st, a household with average consumption will spend about €1,046 for a year of electricity with the supplier.

So, by opting in to the offer, customers will save about €77 a year, in addition to the €58 annual saving coming on June 1st.

The 8.5% gas discount will mean the average household will spend about €871 per year for gas, which amounts to an annual reduction of €67.

All together, a customer with the average consumption who gets gas and electricity from Electric Ireland and opts in for the 8.5% discounts will spend about €1,917 a year on energy with the supplier.

Another attractive aspect of this offer is that it is available immediately and comes with no contract, has no expiry date and no exit fees.

5.5% reduction on offer to electricity-only customers

Customers who only get electricity from Electric Ireland can get a 5.5% discount if they actively opt in and sign up for direct debit and ebilling, if they haven’t already done so.

With the 5.5% reduction, households with average consumption will spend about €1,073 for a year of electricity, which adds up to a saving of about €50, just by opting in and paying by direct debit and receiving ebills.

How to opt in to the offer

On ‘Today with Sean O’Rourke’, Paul Stapleton outlined how customers can avail of the offer saying; “just contact Electric Ireland and we’ll apply the savings that are available to you”. He also said that separate discounts would be available to prepayment customers who can't avail of these offers due to the fact that they don't pay by direct debit.

Switchers can qualify for these savings too

Customers that are not with Electric Ireland can switch to the supplier to avail of these new savings too.

Non-Electric Ireland customers who switch gas and electricity to the supplier will have the option of availing of the 8.5% savings if they sign up for direct debit and ebilling. They'll also get a €120 signup incentive - which should make that first bill quite pleasant reading. There'll be a one year contract for anyone receiving the €120, but that seems fair enough.

New electricity customers can also receive the 5.5% savings and the €120 signup incentive and similarly, customers that already have their electricity with Electric Ireland and opt to bring their gas over to the company will receive 8.5% savings on both gas and electricity and that €120 signup bonus too. Again, one year contracts applies here as well.

And we will have these new deals ready to compare very soon.

In the meantime, you can call bonkers.ie on 1800 930 255 to switch to Electric Ireland, or any other supplier, now.