Electric Ireland announces €175 cashback offer to new customers
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

Electric Ireland has announced a brand new cashback offer for new gas, electricity and dual fuel customers, just in time for winter. And it’s the biggest cashback offer we’ve ever seen here at bonkers.ie.

Longer evenings and colder weather are here, meaning that bigger energy bills are just around the corner for many Irish households.

But Electric Ireland is offering some comfort to Ireland's energy customers with an offer of €175 cashback to households that switch their gas, or electricity, or both fuels to the supplier.

New electricity customers

Customers who switch their electricity to Electric Ireland will receive €175 cashback off their first or second bill, depending on when the new billing cycle begins.

On top of that, customers can get a 5.5% discount off the supplier’s standard rate, if they sign up for direct debit and ebilling.

At this rate, the average Irish household will spend about €1,086 on a year's worth of electricity, which is €50 cheaper than standard rates.

And then there’s that €175 to knock off the bill too, taking the total down to around €911.

You can sign up to Electric Ireland’s ValueSaver deal and get €175 cashback now.

New gas customers

There’s €175 cashback available to new Electric Ireland gas customers as well. And there’s there’s an 8.5% discount available too.

At this discounted rate, new gas customers with average consumption will spend about €858 in year one, which is a saving of €41 against the supplier’s standard rate for gas.

With the €175 cashback offer added in, a year of gas will cost new customers around €683.

Electric Ireland’s 5.5% gas discount is available on bonkers.ie now.

New dual fuel customers

Finally, customers who switch both gas and electricity to Electric Ireland will get €175 cashback along with an 8.5% discount.

At these rates, a household with average consumption will end up with a year one bill of about €1,058 for electricity and €835 for gas. So, €1,894 in total.

And with €175 cashback factored in, the average Irish household will have a year one energy bill of around €1,720.

You can sign up to Electric Ireland’s Dual ValueSaver deal now.

Switching season

The majority of Irish households dramatically increase their average monthly energy consumption once the clocks go back, meaning that bigger bills are now on the horizon for many.

However, the energy price war of the last few weeks and the introduction of competitive sign up incentives, such as Electric Ireland’s €175 cashback offer, have meant that there are plenty of ways customers can protect themselves against very high bills.

Visit our Compare Gas & Electricity price plans page to switch to the cheapest suppliers before those big bills start to arrive!