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New Gas Comparison & Switching Service

Most householders know they can switch their electricity supplier but not everyone knows they can save money by switching their gas supplier as well.

Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to compare gas suppliers. Customers looking for the best deals had to compare complicated tariffs, standing charges and unit rates by themselves.

What we’ve done at is take all the rates and tariffs from all the mains gas suppliers and made it as easy as possible for you to find and switch to the best deal quickly.

It’s worth checking out because there’s very good savings to be made, actually changing supplier only takes minutes, and you can switch directly through With horrendous winter gas bills hitting mats across the country, most of us are looking for ways to heat our homes for less – and paying as little as possible for our gas is certainly one of them!

New Dual Fuel Comparison & Switching Service

At, we’ve been comparing electricity for some time. We’ve helped thousands of householders find and switch to the cheapest electricity deals – and we hope our new gas comparison service will help thousands more to save on their gas bills too.

What’s changing in Ireland is that suppliers are now starting to offer combined gas and electricity deals. These are known as dual fuel tariffs and they usually work by offering extra discounts to customers that sign up to them. They can be very good value and are available to anyone with a mains gas supply. They’re becoming fiendishly complicated though, and it’s getting more and more difficult to work out whether you’re getting the best deal by signing up to them.

Our new dual fuel comparison and switching service takes all of these deals and compares them. Not just with each other, but with the standalone gas and standalone electricity tariffs too. We do this because when you use to find the best home energy deal, you can be sure you come away with just that – the best home energy deal for you.

Why not give it a shot? You may be surprised at how much you can save. Just by switching, an average household can shave a very pleasant €200+ off their combined gas and electricity bills.

Compare gas and electricity here

TTT – Total Tariff Transparency

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been bombarded by messages highlighting how much we can save on our electricity and gas bills by switching suppliers. With savings messages as high as 20%, it’s certainly helped energy companies get new customers - but these messages don’t tell the whole story.

Why? Well, most ads and savings messages compare just unit rates. They don’t take into account other costs like standing charges, taxes and levies. They don’t take into account consumption either.

At we recognize that home energy bills are made up of much more than just unit rates, so you’re shown exactly how much you can save on your overall gas, electricity and dual fuel bills. Calculations on take into account all costs including standing charges, taxes, levies and unit rates. savings messages are also based on individual household consumption and displayed as cash figures and percentages. This helps you to easily find and switch to the best gas and electricity deals.

This is our promise. We’ll be impartial, we won’t hide anything and we’ll show every little cost. If one tariff has a higher standing charge, we’ll take it into account. And if you’ve heard that you can save more than we’re showing you in your search results – there’s probably a very good reason – and you’ll see it in our “See Calculations” section.