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CER rebrands to CRU

The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) has rebranded to The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU).

The commission (which accredits bonkers.ie as an impartial, independent, accurate, up-to-date, easy to use service that includes all publicly available tariffs offered by licensed energy suppliers) has been rebranded to fully reflect its broadened remit and mission to regulate energy, energy safety and water in the public interest.    

The strategic objectives of the CRU will remain focused on protecting the interests of the public in terms of safety, energy security and consumer rights.

What is the CRU?

The CRU is Ireland’s independent energy and water regulator and was originally established as the Commission for Electricity Regulation (CER) in 1999. The CRU has a wide range of economic, customer protection and safety responsibilities in energy and water.

The work of the CRU impacts every Irish home and business. The sectors the CRU regulates underpin Irish economic competitiveness, investment and growth, while also contributing to Ireland’s international obligations to address climate change.

Why the change?

Following the commencement of the Energy Act 2016, the CER was required to change its name to fully incorporate all aspects of its expanded role across the regulation of energy, energy safety and water. The strategic objectives of the CRU and its Mission, Vision and Values will remain focused on protecting the interests of the public in terms of safety, energy security and consumer rights.

The CRU will continue to ensure that electricity and gas are supplied safely and securely, that there is a supply of reliable, clean water and efficient treatment of wastewater, and that the prices that consumers pay for these are both fair and reasonable.

The CRU will continue to encourage engagement with the energy market in terms of competition, safety and consumer rights. The first step in this has seen the development of a new consumer focused website, www.cru.ie, that will provide a more comprehensive resource for energy and water customers as well as industry stakeholders.

CRU Chairperson Dr Paul McGowan said: “Since its original creation in 1999, the CRU has seen significant changes in the sectors we regulate and we have continually evolved to keep pace with these developments. The driving principle for the CRU will continue to be the consumer and ensuring that the public interest is protected across energy, energy safety and water.”

Speaking on the name change Minister Denis Naughten said: "In view of the Commission’s expanded portfolio, the Energy Act 2016 provided for the change of name to the Commission for Regulation of Utilities. I look forward to continuing to work closely with the Commission for Regulation of Utilities in achieving our goal of a low carbon energy future.”


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