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Bord Gais Networks approved for transportation charge increase
Simon Moynihan
Staff Writer

Bord Gais Networks, which owns, operates and maintains the natural gas network in Ireland has received approval from the Commission for Energy Regulation to increase transportation charges to natural gas suppliers.

Bord Gais Networks has cited a reduction in demand from residential customers as the reason that transportation costs have increased.

The Commission for Energy Regulation has approved a 10% increase in transportation charges. These charges are likely to be passed on to consumers in the form of higher standing charges.

Currently the annual standing charges from each natural gas supper paid by residential users are:


€87.70 - Flogas
€89.94 - Bord Gais
€89.94 - Electric Ireland
€103.49 - Airtricity


Residential customers can expect standing charges to increase by at least 10% which will result in an additional €9 to €10 on annual gas bills.


*Standing charges quoted include VAT at 13.5%