Bord Gáis Energy reveals Back-To-School discounts for 2016
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

Bord Gáis Energy has announced details of its Back-To-School discounts, with a 12% electricity discount, 10% gas discount and €75 Tesco voucher available to new dual fuel customers.

Don’t tell your kids, but there are just five weeks of the summer holidays left. And that means back-to-school budgeting is probably slowly creeping into your consciousness.

It can be a very pricey time of year, especially after that expensive summer holiday and those impromptu BBQs during last week’s heatwave. Great while it lasted, wasn’t it?

School books, uniforms, sports gear, travel expenses and those pesky ‘voluntary’ contributions that schools like so much can really add up. But today, Bord Gáis Energy has announced details of how you can make some smart savings on your gas and electricity bills - and even your shopping - to help offset some of those back-to-school expenses.

New dual fuel customers

If you sign up with Bord Gáis Energy as a new dual fuel customer before September 4th, you’ll get a 12% electricity discount, a 10%  gas discount and a €75 Tesco voucher.

At these rates, you’ll pay 13.66 cent (ex VAT) for a unit of electricity and 4.47 cent (ex VAT) for a unit of gas.

So, a new customer with average annual consumption will spend about €1,919 for a year of energy with Bord Gáis Energy, including all taxes and charges, which is €148 cheaper than standard rates. And there’s that €75 Tesco voucher thrown in too.

It’s important to note that you must sign up for paperless billing, direct debit and Level Pay to get these rates. Level Pay means that your annual bills will be evenly spread out over the course of a year, meaning you won’t have to worry about shock bills when your consumption is high.

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New electricity customers

If you’re happy with your gas supplier and would just like to switch your electricity to Bord Gáis Energy, you can get a 10% discount along with a €75 Tesco voucher by doing so.

With this discount, a customer with average consumption will pay about €1,074 for a year of electricity, including all taxes and charges, which is a saving of about €50 against standard rates, plus that €75 Tesco voucher!

New gas customers

New Bord Gáis Enegy gas customers can get an 8% gas discount, but there’s no Tesco voucher included here. A year of gas will cost customers with average consumption about €880 at this discounted rate.

Existing customers

Existing Bord Gáis Energy customers can get some nice back-to-school savings too.

If you currently get your gas from the supplier, you can add electricity and get a €75 Tesco voucher, 7% gas discount and a 12% electricity discount.

That means a year one energy bill of about €1,942 for an average customers, which is €125 less than standard rates. And don’t forget that Tesco voucher!

Finally, existing Bord Gáis Energy electricity customers can add gas and get a 7% electricity discount and a 10% gas discount. There’s no Tesco voucher with the deal, however.

Overall, a customer with average consumption who signs up for this deal will spend about €1,966 in year one, which is €101 less than standard rates.

A timely incentive

Bord Gáis Energy’s new offers will be attractive to parents who are currently bracing themselves for big, annual back-to-school bills, which seem to be increasing every year.

While the energy discounts don’t quite make Bord Gáis Energy the cheapest gas and electricity supplier in the marketplace right now, the €75 Tesco voucher takes the potential savings figure up to a very competitive amount.

With back-to-school costs so high, taking a few minutes to switch to a cheaper gas and electricity supplier is one of the easiest and smartest ways to ease their impact.

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