Bord Gáis Energy launches Bundle Bonus
Simon Moynihan
Staff Writer

In the last 10 days, we’ve seen a new supplier launch, another supplier cut prices, and that suppler make their cheapest deal cheaper. And today Bord Gáis Energy has just made their cheapest deal cheaper too.

With so much going on in such a short period of time, it sure looks like we have some bona fide competition on our hands. And it looks like some of those wholesale energy price cuts we heard so much about are actually making their way through to Irish householders too.

Bundle Bonus

Today’s news is that Bord Gáis Energy is increasing the discount on their best dual fuel deal. They are calling it the Bundle Bonus, and they are upping the electricity unit rate discount from 10% to 12% for new dual fuel signups. It means that the electricity unit rate will go from 14.52 cent to 14.19 cent, which will make the deal almost €20 cheaper per year for an average household.

€100 Cashback Bonus

Bord Gáis Energy is continuing with their €100 cashback bonus too. It allows customers to get €100 off any bill they want at any time of the year and is available to new electricity and dual fuel signups.

The 1,000 Tesco Clubcard signup points are continuing as well. Their value is doubled when applied to a Bord Gáis Energy bill, so they are worth €20 to energy customers.

4,000 Tesco Clubcard Points

As part of today’s new deals, Bord Gáis Energy is also offering a 24 month dual fuel contract. It has the same 12% off electricity and 10% off gas pricing in year one, and it also has the €100 cashback offer. The extra incentive is that the Tesco Clubcard points are increased to 4,000 - which is worth €80 if they are used against energy bills.

With the 24 month deal, discounts fall to 5% for both gas and electricity in year two. Customers have to sign up to the Bord Gáis Energy Rewards Club to get the Tesco Clubcard Points.

Annual Cost

The annual cost for an average household on the Bord Gáis Energy Bundle Bonus dual fuel deal is €1,959. If you add in the €100 cashback, customers can expect to pay €1,859 a year which brings it within €4 of the next best deal on the market and €316 cheaper than the standard legacy rates that most of us are paying.

You can compare the new Bord Gáis Energy offers against all other electricity, gas and dual fuel deals here.