Bord Gáis Energy launches back to school bundle bonus savings
Simon Moynihan
Staff Writer

Bord Gáis Energy launches new discounted ‘Back to School‘ energy deals which include a Tesco Voucher and a free boiler service for new customers.

Ah, back to school… one of the priciest times of year! And reports in the news are already telling us just how much we’re going to be out of pocket come September. The cost of books are up, the schools want bigger “voluntary” contributions, and of course all our babies need new pairs of shoes. It all adds up to quite a bundle.

So it is good to see that there are some bundles out there that are giving a little something we can use at this time of year instead of taking it away.

Take Bord Gáis Energy. They’ve just launched a set of new energy bundles with some pretty useful signup incentives. They’ll put some money in your pocket, save you a few bob on your energy bills and are also offering a free boiler service in time for the winter.

So what’s on offer exactly?

€75 Tesco Gift Card

The big Bord Gáis Energy signup incentive launched today is a €75 Tesco Gift Card. It’s available to electricity and dual fuel customers, and all you have to do is sign up to one of the new Bord Gáis Energy Back to School deals between now and 6 September to get it. Bord Gáis Energy promises to pop the voucher in the post within 5 days of your switch completing.

Free Boiler Service

Bord Gáis Energy is also including a free boiler service for new dual fuel customers. And that’s in addition to the €75 Tesco Gift Card. To get the free boiler service, you just need to sign up to the new dual fuel deal and once you’re successfully on supply, you can schedule your service for any time between now and July 2016.

We all know that we’re supposed to service our boilers once a year, but we also know that when times are tight “non-essentials” often get put on the long finger. So getting your boiler serviced for free in time for the colder weather months is sure to appeal to plenty of households.

The Bord Gáis Energy Back to School Energy Deals

Of course signup offers and incentives are all well and good, but what you pay for your gas and electricity is pretty important too. So the good news is that both the electricity deal and the dual fuel deal are discounted, and will save you money over the standard rates that most of us are paying.

Electricity – Back to School Bundle Bonus

Bord Gáis Energy is offering a 10% unit rate discount to new customers who sign up for Level Pay and Paperless Billing. Level Pay means that you’ll pay the same amount every month based on what Bord Gáis Energy think your bills will come to over the next year. It can be a good system and helps to eliminate big winter bills. Anyway, this deal will cost €1,096 per year and should save an average household €115 over standard rates. Plus you’ll get the €75 Tesco Gift Card.

New Dual Fuel Deal

For the dual fuel deal Bord Gáis Energy if offering new customers 12% off electricity and 10% off gas unit rates, and again, customers will have to sign up to Level Pay and Paperless Billing. The cost on this deal is €1,959 for a year’s supply of electricity and gas for an average home. Which is €216 cheaper than paying standard rates. Plus there’s the €75 Tesco Gift Card and the free gas boiler service.

Naturally, you can sign up to both of these deals directly through and we’ll take care everything the rest for you:

Dual Fuel - Bord Gáis Energy Dual Fuel Bundle Bonus with €75 Tesco Gift Card and Free Boiler Service

Electricity - Bord Gáis Energy Back to School Bundle Bonus with €75 Tesco Gift Card