Bord Gáis Energy is offering €175 to new customers
Robyn Hamilton
Staff Writer

New electricity-only and dual fuel customers who sign up to Bord Gáis Energy can get €175 cashback.

Seven of Ireland’s energy suppliers have announced price hikes in the last couple of months and it’s not looking too great for many of Ireland’s energy customers, especially in the midst of the winter months - a time traditionally associated with higher energy bills.

But Bord Gáis Energy is offering some comfort with an offer of €175 cashback to households that switch their gas and electricity, or just their electricity to the supplier.

New electricity customers

New Bord Gáis Energy electricity customers who sign up to the supplier’s paperless, direct debit, 10% discount plan with level pay will be eligible for the €175 cashback.

To avail of your €175 cashback, customers must register with Bord Gáis Energy online, sign into the rewards section and then select the month to which they want to apply the cashback voucher.

At this rate, the average Irish household will spend about €950 on a year's worth of electricity, which is €21 cheaper than standard rates.

When you add on the €175 cashback, it takes the savings up to around €196.

You can sign up to Bord Gáis Energy’s 10% Discount (Paperless, Direct Debit & Level Pay) deal and get €175 cashback now.

New dual fuel customers

Customers who switch both gas and electricity to Bord Gáis Energy can also avail of the €175 cashback offer and there are several options. The leading offer goes to customers who sign up to the supplier's Dual Fuel 1 Year - Electricity allocation plan. This includes paperless billing, direct debit payment as well as level pay.

On this plan, customers will also get a discount of 14% off of electricity prices and 8% off of their gas prices.

At these rates, a household with average consumption will pay €919 for electricity and €729 for gas in the first year. So, €1,648 in total.

This is a saving of about €59 compared to standard rates and when you factor in the €175 cashback, it brings the the savings up to about €234.

You can sign up to this dual fuel offer now on, but be aware that there are several other dual fuel offers that also include the €175 cashback offer so be sure to run a full comparison before you decide to make any switches!

Ready to switch?

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