New EXCLUSIVE! Save €173 by switching electricity to Bord Gáis Energy
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer and Bord Gáis Energy have teamed up to offer customers an exclusive 16% discount on electricity. The discount provides savings of up to €173 on annual electricity bills and makes Bord Gáis Energy's electricity the cheapest on the market. The offer is only though

The folks at Bord Gáis Energy keep good company.

Just last week, the gas and electricity supplier revealed details of its first ever leadership conference, with an impressive line up of speakers. Former favourite for the Irish Presidency Sean Gallagher, Dublin football manager Jim Galvin and Ireland’s favourite number 10 Ronan O’Gara (sorry Johnny!) will all be in attendance. Friends in high places!

We like to think that we’re pretty tight with Ireland's energy suppliers too, and are delighted to announce an exclusive electricity discount with Bord Gáis Energy, available only through!

Save 16% on electricity by switching through

Customers who sign up for electricity with Bord Gáis Energy through will get a 16% discount, which brings the unit rate down to 13.55 cent (excluding VAT). And that makes it the cheapest electricity deal on the market right now, once Bord Gáis Energy’s relatively low Standing Charge is factored in.

A customer on our exclusive Bord Gáis Energy deal will spend about €1,038 on electricity (including PSO Levy, Standing Charge and taxes) for a year, which is a whole €173 cheaper than standard rates.

To sign up, just visit the Bord Gáis Energy EXCLUSIVE 16% Discount page on!

Dual Fuel customers

The good news for dual fuel customers is that our exclusive 16% discount can also be bundled with gas.

If you sign up for dual fuel with Bord Gáis Energy through, you’ll get your exclusive 16% electricity discount, along with a 10% discount on gas. And that adds up to a yearly gas and electricity saving of around €254 when compared to standard rates.

Flexible discounts to suit your usage

Another nice new touch by the folks at Bord Gáis Energy is the addition of flexible discounts on dual fuel packages. This allows customers to allocate 2% of the new discounts to their choice of gas or electricity, based on whichever will bring the most savings.

Bord Gáis Energy knows that different households have different usage patterns, and the offer of flexible discounts will give customers more control over their spending. For example, if your home has an electric shower and a kettle that’s constantly boiling, it’d probably be smart to move your flexible 2% discount to your electricity bill, since that is likely to be quite high.

When signing up through, we will automatically structure your discounts as 16% off electricity and 10% off gas.

If you want to swap your discounts again after a few months, you can easily do so by calling Bord Gáis Energy.

How do I sign up for Ireland’s cheapest electricity rate?

To get the full amount of savings on offer, you must sign up for paperless billing and Level Pay, which both have advantages of their own.

Level pay is Bord Gáis Energy’s version of a budget plan and allows you to pay your bill in 12 equal monthly instalments, based on the supplier’s estimate of what your usage will be. This will help you to budget more effectively and to avoid shock bills, which are a common occurrence during the winter months.

You can sign up for Ireland’s new cheapest electricity rate on our Bord Gáis Energy EXCLUSIVE 16% Discount page now. And remember, this offer isn’t available anywhere else!