Vodafone rewards new and existing customers with great value plans
Daragh Cassidy
Head Writer

Vodafone’s new plans offer simplified and transparent pricing as well as big savings.

Sometimes as a consumer it feels like new customers get all the best deals, right?

Long-term loyalty to a company often counts for very little these days.   

But Vodafone has realised that loyalty SHOULD pay and has launched a range of super competitive new deals that are available to both new and existing customers, where the price doesn’t increase after the first few months. 

It’s a first for the Irish market and offers the potential for some big savings for Irish households.

Here’s a look at what's on offer…  

New Vodafone offers

Vodafone has completely revamped its pricing across all its broadband, home phone and TV services which it says will offer real, long-term value to new and existing customers.

Vodafone is removing all promotional and introductory deals and is instead offering a simple, competitive price on all its plans that won’t increase after a few months. And it’s removed all broadband installation, activation, and set-up fees too. 

Instead there’s just one, simple, long-term price that's available to everyone.

Here are the broadband deals now on offer:

  • 100Mbps part-fibre and 500Mbps pure-fibre broadband for €40 a month
  • 1Gbps pure-fibre broadband for €50 a month 
  • 2Gbps pure-fibre broadband for €70 a month  

With any of the broadband deals you can add: 

  • A TV package for an extra €25 a month 
  • A home phone service for €5 a month 

Is there a minimum contract?

All plans have a minimum contract period of 12 months. 

However after this your price won’t shoot up.

However like all Vodafone customers you will be subject to an annual price adjustment after the first year is up...

Annual price adjustment 

In 2021 Vodafone announced that it would start implementing an annual price hike on most of its plans, coming into effect in April of each year. 

This would be the rate of inflation as set out by the CPI in January of each year plus an additional 3%.

So if the rate of inflation in January is 4%, your bill will go up by 7% in April.

However if you sign up to any of these plans your bill won't change for the first year. It'll only go up every April from year two onwards.

Mobile operator 3 announced a similar annual price hike around the same time as Vodafone. And then Eir announced in 2022 that it too would start implementing a so-called annual price adjustment.    

I’m an existing Vodafone customer - can I sign up?


Existing Vodafone customers can also sign up to the new deals as long as they’re no longer in contract.   

For example, customers who are currently paying €60 a month for Vodafone’s 500Mpbs fibre broadband plan can sign up to the new €40 a month deal, saving €20 a month or €240 a year. And those currently paying €70 a month for the 1Gbps service can sign up to the €50 deal instead. 

Is it good value?

These new deals are super competitive. 

For example 500Mbps pure-fibre broadband for just €40 a month indefinitely (subject to the annual price adjustment) is good value even as a promotional price, let alone the standard price, which can be over €70 a month for broadband of this speed with some providers.

And €50 a month for 1Gbps broadband is also excellent value for the Irish market. Some providers charge around €80 for this speed once the promotional period has ended. 

Recent figures from Eurostat showed Ireland has the third highest communications costs in the EU, with prices over 50% above average! So hopefully this starts off a mini price war and helps reduce costs for hard-pressed households!

At Vodafone, we value loyalty and want to treat every customer – new and existing – the same. We also want to reduce the burden, simplify our offering to make our customers’ lives easier, along with giving them significant savings on their home broadband. We therefore have taken the lead to be bold and do things differently by removing promotional pricing with this new broadband pricing structure. So now our home broadband customers won't face significant increases after a year, and they won’t have to renegotiate their broadband plan for lower, introductory offers.

Amanda Nelson, CEO at Vodafone Ireland

Sign up today

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