Virgin Media launches new Broadband, Phone & TV offers
Robyn Hamilton
Staff Writer

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s new broadband deals from Vodafone, Virgin Media have today launched a whole host of new broadband, phone & TV offers for new customers, highlights of which include; new 12-month discounts on Tripleplay deals, a new broadband only offer called “Naked Broadband” and exclusive access to their new “Red House Ninja” installation service.

There’s a lot to take in and consider with Virgin Media’s new deals, so let’s have a look at each new offer in a little bit more detail so we know exactly what we are dealing with:

Virgin Media Tripleplay deals: New 12 month discounts

For starters, there’s some good news for anyone looking for a new broadband, phone & TV package as Virgin Media has launched a new 12 month discount offer across all its Tripleplay deals.

What does this mean for new Virgin Media customers?

This means that you’ll be getting a discounted rate for the duration of your 12 month contract (providing you’re a new customer).

Let’s have a look at an example to see what kind of savings you could be making on one of these new deals:

As a new customer, for Virgin Media’s Full House TV & Anytime Mobile Deal which includes 100 TV channels, unlimited 240Mb/s broadband and unlimited landline and mobile calls to Irish numbers you’ll pay €54 per month for the duration of your first year after which the price goes up to €90 a month.

That’s a total saving of €432 and the great news is, if you want to leave before the price goes up in your second year, you can! Virgin Media contracts last for 12 months.    

This is great news for those who have felt short-changed by the lure of amazing introductory rates, only to be locked into the rest of a contract with huge price hike when the discount comes to an end.

You’ll find similar savings across all of Virgin Media’s new Tripleplay deals (of which there are many). The above example doesn’t include Sky Sports or Sky Cinema which are add-ons that might interest you. The best way to find the best package to suit your needs is to compare them all here.

The Introduction of Virgin Media Naked Broadband

Don’t need a home phone or TV? No problem. Virgin Media has taken customer habits into consideration and realised that nowadays few of us have a want or need for landlines, and many of us now do most of our TV watching online through on-demand streaming services.  

With this in mind they created “Naked Broadband”; a new broadband only deal that doesn’t require the use of a landline to work.

It’s a 12 month contract with unlimited 240 Mb broadband and there’s also a 6 month introductory discount for new customers.

For your 12 month contract you’ll pay €40 for the first 6 months and €50 thereafter. Not bad if you’re looking for no-fuss broadband.

Say hello to Virgin Media's Red House Ninjas:

So what in the world is a Red House Ninja you ask?

Virgin Media knows that getting your broadband up and running can be a pain and knowing how to make the most of your package can be confusing to say the least, and so it has created “Red House Ninjas” as its specialised solution.  

These are expert tech installation teams who will visit your home to make sure that you are getting the very best from your Virgin Media package.

So what will the Red House Ninjas do?

  • Install the best modem

  • Check the Wi-Fi signal in every room

  • Repair any old wiring issues

  • Connect all home devices

  • Give advice on how to maximise your in home speed

  • Ensure you’re getting the most out of your TV service  

The Red House service is also available to existing customers and there is a €50 charge to use the service. 

It sounds like an invaluable service and we can only hope that it lives up to its name. In the meantime, why not check out our 7 tips on how to speed up your broadband connection here.

These all sound great, where do I sign up for these Virgin Media Deals?

If you like the sound of any of these new deals and services, why not compare all of Virgin Media’s offers here?

Of course it’s always worth remembering that Virgin Media is certainly not the only option out there and you might find that another provider is offering a better deal in your area, or for your own particular preferences. If you want to check out and compare all deals across all providers, click here.