Virgin Media is offering Sky Sports or Sky Cinema for just €1 a month!
Conor Dever
Staff Writer

It might not have been that hot this week but Virgin Media has just turned up the temperature with some scorching end-of-summer deals.

The nights are slowly drawing in, you can see it in the sticky twilight hours as they begin to creep darker and you can see it in the black skies and torrential rain-soaked days that follow. 

But as this all too bipolar couple of weeks that has been our summer turns the corner into its final stanza, Virgin Media has turned up the temperature with a red hot bargain.

As we edge slowly closer to September fans of sport are starting to get antsier in anticipation of what's sure to be an epic new season. So the knowledge that you can now get Sky Sports for just €1 extra a month for an entire year will surely get them hot under the collar. 

Virgin Media is going to offer you a whole host of football with all 343 Champions League and Europa League games on Virgin Media Sport, but now it's going to offer you the cheapest Sky Sports deal anywhere and access to a tonne of Premiership action too.

But if film is more your thing, then fret not as you can get access to Sky Cinema for just €1 a month instead.

So what are these new deals and how much will they really cost you? Let's have a look...

Broadband-only deals

First up let's look at Virgin's Naked broadband options. This is for those of you who just care about the internet. So for the increasing number of cord-cutters out there who are foregoing traditional TV options and opting for internet-based entertainment alternatives be sure to sit up and take note. 

So what do you get? 

Product name Broadband speed Cost per month for first 6 months  Cost per month after 6 months
Naked 250 250 Mbps €40 €59
Naked 360 360 Mbps €45 €64
Naked 500 500 Mbps €50 €69

You can also add on the following...

Product VM Sports App World Talk  World Unlimited Talk
Naked 250 Free €3 €5
Naked 360 Free €3 €5
Naked 500 Free €3 €3

So that means if you go for any of the broadband-only options you can get the Virgin Media Sport app free of charge and get access to all the action from the Champions League and Europa League on your phone or laptop. 

World Talk gives you unlimited calls to Irish landlines and mobiles and 400 minutes to landlines in 22 international countries.

World Unlimited Talk gives you unlimited calls to Irish landlines and mobiles and unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in 22 international countries.

Broadband, home phone, and TV deals

For those of you who still love TV, and there are many of us who do, the triple-play bundles will be of great interest. And this is where sports fans or cinephiles will really get a bargain they can sink their teeth into. 

This is because for a limited time only, with any of these triple-play packages you can add Sky Sports or Sky Cinema for just €1 extra per month for 12 months! That's right - just €1. Bargain!

Product name Broadband speed TV Phone Cost per month

Add Sky Sports or Sky Cinema

Cost per month

First year cost
Mix 250 250 Mbps Mix TV World Talk €54 €1 €55 €660
Mix 500 500 Mbps Mix TV World Talk €59 €1 €60 €720
Full house 500 500 Mbps Full House TV World Unlimited Talk €64 €1 €65 €780

BT Sport 

You might remember that Eir caused ructions at the start of the month when it announced that BT Sport, ESPN, and BoxNation would no longer be offered for free in its sports package as Sky Sports had won the rights.

So for those of you who are looking to get these channels, it's important to note that they won't come included with this Sky Sports deal. This is because these channels won't be offered as part of the regular Sky Sports pack but as a premium add-on. 

Who are the new deals available to?

These great deals are available to NEW customers who sign up to Virgin Media for a limited time only. 

So what do you think?

Are you interested in any of these deals? Are you looking forward to the new season? Get in touch and let us know!

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