UPC Launches Summer Offers with Free TV for a Year
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer


Fresh from concluding a deal to buy TV3 and busy building its mobile network, UPC doesn’t wait around! And neither does its broadband.

The company has just launched its new summer offers, which bring news that its top broadband speed of 240Mb is now available as standard. It’s only 6 months since UPC launched 240Mb fibre broadband and to be now able to offer this speed to all new and existing customers is impressive progress.

As part of the new summer offers, the company has also introduced an option of free TV for a year, even including its top-shelf Horizon Max TV service.


Tripleplay (Broadband, Phone and TV)

UPC is making no secret of its goal of becoming Ireland’s go-to gang for broadband, phone and TV (and will soon be adding mobile to that list) and has put together some nice incentives for new customers who take up its Tripleplay option.

The top-of-the-range Tripleplay offer will get you 240Mb broadband, unlimited free calls to mobiles and landlines in Ireland and 22 international destinations (Mobile World) and over 100 TV channels, 21 of which are in HD (Horizon Max TV). This will cost €35 a month for a year, after which the monthly price will jump to €90.

You’ll save a tenner a month on the above offer if you opt for free unlimited calls to Irish and international landlines only (Anytime World), which may be appealing to households that are using the likes of Skype and Viber (quality of which will be done no harm by 240Mb speeds) for chatting.

If you don’t fancy the whopping 100+ TV channels that come with Horizon Max TV, you could combine Horizon TV (that’s still 50+ channels!), Anytime World and 240Mb broadband for €25 a month, rising to €75 a month after a year.


Broadband and Phone Only

If you’re someone that does most of their movie watching through online streaming services, you may not feel the need for TV at all.

For broadband (did I mention that it’s 240Mb?!) and unlimited free calls to mobiles and landlines in Ireland and overseas, you’ll pay €35 a month for 6 months, rising to €55 afterwards. You can save €10 a month on this if you’d prefer UPC’s Anytime World phone offer.


Free TV for a Year!

If you’re happy with your broadband and phone setup and just want some shiny new TV channels, UPC is offering FREE TV for a whole year! Pretty exciting, especially in a Rugby World Cup year where TV3 has exclusive coverage rights.

You’ll be signed up to an 18-month contract, enjoy the first 12 months for free and then pay €30 a month for digital TV, €35 for Horizon TV and €40 for Horizon Max.


Existing customers

Existing UPC customers can make some nifty improvements to their service under the summer offers too.

Tripleplay customers can get a free upgrade to Horizon TV, Broadband and Phone folks can get free TV for a year by signing up to an 18-month contract and TV-only people can add Phone and 240Mb Broadband and get a discount of €20 a month for a year.


That's entertainment!

UPC’s summer offers, along with its purchase of TV3 for €87m last week, is a clear indicator of the company’s determination to bring a top-quality entertainment to Irish homes. It’s exciting times for the company and for customers too - whether you’re a fan of online streaming or traditional TV watching, UPC’s new offers look like good news for you and your home viewing options.