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UPC announces new deals for all customers
David Kerr

Earlier today, UPC announced that pricing for their new Horizon platform has been revised.

From today, and available on, prices for their Horizon platform of TV, Broadband and Phone service start at just €35 per month for 6 months regardless of the package a customer chooses.

Horizon is UPC's new platform which includes 19 HD television channels, an entry-level Broadband speed of 120Mb/s as well as home phone service. 

Some customers will opt for the flagship option of Horizon Complete which boasts 200Mb/s (see below) and others for the more basic Horizon Essential Limited. All new customers will get their first six months of service for €35 per month and will get setup for free if they self-install (or are charged a once-off fee of €20 if they want a technician to call to them and do the install).

What's more - and will be welcomed by existing customers - is that the once-off "activation" fee of €45 has now been dropped for all customers meaning the first charge a customer sees will be smaller.

The success of the Horizon platform for UPC in to be seen in the fact that they have signed up over 30,000 customers since launch. That number has been growing thanks to the advertising campaign they're running highlighting the features of the platform - HD TV channels as standard, record 4 programmes while watching a 5th, Broadband at up to 200Mb/s.

All in all, UPC continues to push the market with their message that faster broadband is better, and HD TV should be the norm and not the option.

New and existing customers should be happy to see the previous activation fees have now been dropped, which should enable UPC to convince most customers to give their products a look.

What do you think? Are these new offers enough to convince you to consider UPC ? Let us know in the comments.