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The best summer deals on broadband

With a severe lack of sun this summer, why not take the time spent indoors to save some money and switch your broadband provider on

With the summer sun rarely making an appearance this year (when does it ever in Ireland?) you might have found yourself spending more time indoors, especially with lots of us still working from home.

And with more time spent at home it's inevitable your broadband connection is going to see more action, especially with loads more great shows appearing on Netflix and the likes.

So to keep your spirits up, and to help you save some money on your bills, we've assembled some of the best summer deals on broadband to help keep you going until we finally see some sun in August (hopefully)!

Vodafone - SIRO FTTH 500 Fibre Broadband

At the beginning of July Vodafone announced it would be offering a brand new 12-month discount for new customers across all its SIRO-powered, fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband products.

If you haven’t switched your broadband in a while you might be wondering what exactly is SIRO? So here’s a little refresher...

SIRO is a joint venture between Vodafone and ESB which is bringing a high-speed, FTTH broadband network to homes across the country. Because SIRO is a pure fibre connection, it doesn't suffer from the loss of speed and poor quality many part-fibre connections suffer from.

Customers should be aware that SIRO is currently only available in select regions across the country so it’s important to check if you’re eligible before signing up to a SIRO broadband plan.

Back to the deal at hand!

What’s on offer?

This new 500 Fibre Broadband deal from Vodafone is offering new customers who sign up the chance to get lightning-quick FTTH SIRO broadband with speeds of up to 500Mbps, and for as little as €360 for the first year.

Customers who opt for this FTTH deal from Vodafone will be subject to a 12-month contract and will pay only €30 per month for the first 12 months and €60 per month thereafter.

As mentioned above, new customers are able to avail of a 12-month discount across all SIRO-powered FTTH products on offer from Vodafone and not just this new deal, so it’s well worth taking a look to see what else is on offer from Vodafone on

To make this deal from Vodafone even sweeter they don’t charge any set-up cost for new customers either!

You can sign up to this deal from Vodafone right here.

Eir - Broadband, Eir TV Extra and Home Phone with Mobile World

Telecommunications operator Eir also has some big value discounts for new customers this summer across all bundles containing broadband.

Eir is currently offering its broadband and home phone bundle for just €29.99 a month for 12 months but it’s in the triple and quad play category where the offers really come alive.

What do you get?

Take for example, Eir’s Broadband, Eir TV Extra and Home Phone with Mobile World quad play bundle which holds some of the best value on the market.

With this deal new customers pay just €59.96 per month for the first six months of the 12-month contract, €69.96 for the next six months and €99.96 per month thereafter, working out at €779.52 for the first year.

The deal boasts broadband speeds of up to 100Mbps and comes with access to a home phone with anytime calls to Irish landlines, calls to international landlines, anytime calls to Irish mobiles, as well as anytime calls to international mobiles.

Important for many, new customers will also have access to an Apple TV 4K, which is now the designated set-top box for Eir. Customers who sign up will also have access to 94 channels with Eir TV. And with access to original movies and programming on the Apple TV app, and all in stunning 4K resolution, you can’t go too far wrong entertainment wise.

Customers will also have free access to Amazon Prime Video for a whole year, as well as the Eir Sport Pack for free, which is also accessible on your phone via the new Eir Sport NOW mobile app.

If that wasn’t enough, customers who sign up to this deal can also also avail of the SuperValu Real Rewards scheme of which Eir is a partner. As an Eir customer and a Real Rewards member, you'll be able to collect points every time you pay your Eir bill and can even use your Real Rewards points to save up to €60 every year on your Eir bill.

If you are looking to sign up to this deal from Eir it comes on a standard 12-month contract with free activation now available on all triple and quad play bundles.

To find out more just click here.

Sky - Sky Broadband Ultrafast Max

Next up is Sky, which is also offering some great deals on broadband and TV packages this summer, one of which is its Sky Broadband Ultrafast Max plan, which offers lightning-quick broadband from SIRO with speeds of up to 1Gbps for only €35 a month for the first 12 months and €95 per month thereafter.

This deal comes with pure fibre-powered broadband which means those hooked up will be able to share, play and stream on all of their devices without any interruption.

Important to note, however, like with Vodafone’s SIRO broadband deals, this deal from Sky is only available to those where SIRO is available in their area.

So, with a total monthly cost of €35 per month for the first year, the total first year cost comes to a very reasonable €430 - this includes a set-up cost of €10 for new customers. For speeds this quick there are fewer better options out there.

Customers can also access the Sky Broadband Buddy app which allows parents and guardians to monitor their little one's activity online, an invaluable asset for parents.

If you want to sign up to Sky’s Ultrafast Max deal you can do so here.

To browse the full range of broadband and TV deals from Sky on just click here.

Pure Telecom - Ultimate Broadband Bundle

Our last broadband summer deal is from Pure Telecom which is offering its Unlimited Broadband Bundle for new customers with speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Pure Telecom recently announced it would be entering the triple-play market with the launch of its new TV service - you can read up on that story here.

The broadband deal in question is discounted to €35 per month for the first 12 months, rising to €50 per month thereafter - that’s a total first year cost of only €420, with €180 in total discounts.

It also comes with a home phone that includes anytime calls to Irish landlines, perfect for staying in touch with relatives and friends from the comfort of your armchair.

This deal comes with a 12-month contract, which is pretty much standard these days.

Pure Telecom also has SIRO-powered broadband deals available which you can find out more about here.

Switch and save on your broadband

If you’re ready to switch and save and leave your broadband provider in favour of a new one, or indeed you are looking to sign up as a new customer, be sure to compare all deals and providers before you make any decisions.

Head over to our broadband comparison service to get started. 

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