Pure Telecom now offering big discount on gigabit broadband
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy a low-cost fibre broadband connection? Well now you can thanks to Pure Telecom.

If there’s one product or service that consumers have expressed an increased desire for over the last year it’s been a fast and reliable broadband connection.

Consumers in Ireland have been hearing a lot about the wonders of fibre-powered broadband of late and with the rollout of the much anticipated National Broadband Plan having already begun, even customers in more rural areas will begin to enjoy faster speeds.

However, with faster speeds it’s natural to expect a higher price, but one company committed to low-cost fibre broadband without having to sacrifice speed is Pure Telecom.

The telecommunications company is now offering new customers who sign up to its gigabit broadband deals from as little as €40 per month.

But before we take a closer look at what’s on offer here’s a brief reminder for those unfamiliar with the provider.

Who is Pure Telecom?

Established in 2002, Pure Telecom is an Irish-owned telecommunications company providing high-speed broadband and fixed line telecoms services to homes and businesses across Ireland.

In addition to its standard broadband and home phone plans, Pure Telecom now also offers TV services having entered the triple-play market last year.

Pure Telecom was also named Best Broadband provider at the bonkers.ie National Consumer Awards in 2018.

Instant Speed 1000MB + Home Phone

Pure Telecom is offering new customers who sign up to its gigabit broadband deal speeds of up to 1Gbps for only €40 per month for the first 12 months.

This means new customers could get gigabit broadband speeds for as little as €480 for the first year which makes it one of the lowest prices available on the market for gigabit speeds alongside Vodafone.

The broadband deal comes with free activation so customers will be glad to know that they won’t incur any extra expense upon signing up, while also enjoying a discounted price for the full 12 months of contract. The price does revert to €75 per month thereafter, however.

When customers sign up to this deal from Pure Telecom they will also receive a home phone package which features anytime calls to Irish landlines.

Pure Telecom uses the SIRO network to supply its fibre-powered broadband, a joint venture between Vodafone and the ESB.

However, some customers may not yet have access to the network so it’s important to bear this in mind when looking to upgrade to faster broadband speeds.

The new offer from Pure Telecom is perfect for families, or those working from home whose internet may have come under strain from increased demand and are looking to upgrade to much faster speeds.

Speeds of up to 1Gbps may be even more suitable for customers who watch most of their TV online and via streaming services. So if you want low-cost broadband but don’t want to sacrifice on speeds this deal from Pure Telecom is a hard one to overlook.

You can browse the deal in more detail here on bonkers.ie.

Paul Connell, CEO of Pure Telecom spoke about the new offer: 

The launch of our updated gigabit SIRO broadband, now at the discounted price of €40 for 12 months, signals our firm commitment to broadening the accessibility of high-speed broadband countrywide. 

As the country continues to contend with level 5 restrictions, the importance of reliable connectivity has never been more pronounced, both from a professional and social standpoint. We have a firm understanding of evolving consumer trends, our diverse customer base, and the role that connectivity has in their daily lives. 

With this offer, we look forward to introducing new swathes of customers to our original brand of customer care in the months ahead.

Instant Speed 500MB + Home Phone

If you’re looking to upgrade your broadband but don’t require speeds as fast as 1Gbps, Pure Telecom also has you covered both price-wise and speed-wise.

The telecoms company is also offering new customers super fast speeds of up to 500Mbps and for only €35 per month for the first 12 months and €55 thereafter.

Similar to the first offer this deal comes on a 12-month contract, which means customers can enjoy a first-year cost of only €420 for these really fast speeds, again not having to worry about any activation fees.

Customers who sign up will also receive a home phone package with anytime calls to Irish landlines.

You can browse this deal in more detail here.

Access to fibre broadband

As we mentioned above, not everyone will have access to a fibre broadband network, although operators are working continuously to expand their existing networks to reach more and more customers.

The implementation of the National Broadband Plan will also help to get more people set up with a secure and reliable connection, as well as granting access to faster speeds.

However, don’t be dismayed if you can’t get access to gigabit broadband just yet as there are plenty of great deals out there at the moment that also offer fast and reliable speeds.

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