Meteor is rebranding as eir, what can customers expect?
Robyn Hamilton
Staff Writer

Meteor, one of Ireland’s three biggest telecommunications network providers announce that it will be rebranding as eir, the company's parent group.

After 12 years as a standalone brand within the eir Group, Meteor is officially rebranding as eir. From September on, Meteor customers will become eir customers.

I’m with Meteor, what’s going to change?

The good news is, if you’re a Meteor customer, not a whole lot is going to change - at least, nothing that will impact you negatively. Your plan won’t change and you can continue to use and benefit from 96% 4G population coverage. Everything will be exactly the same, even Meteor’s dedicated customer care helpline numbers.

eir Sport and WiFi calling

eir customers have free access to eir Sport via the eir Sport app as well as WiFi calling, which allows the customer to make free calls over WiFi. Once the rebrand comes into effect, former Meteor customers will continue to benefit from these services at no extra cost.

Richard Moat, the CEO of eir had to say this of the move; “By focusing on a single mobile brand and reducing the duplication of supporting two brands, we can offer better value and increased innovation.

Meteor customers may not have realised that they are part of a much bigger network, and they should be reassured that they can now take full advantage of all of the possibilities that come from being an eir customer.”

We also spoke to eir’s Director of Corporate Affairs Paul Bradley; who highlighted the value to customers already in the eir family; “The more you bundle with eir, the more value you get.” So, for instance, if you’re currently a Meteor customer you might find that come September you’ll be able to save money by bundling your mobile plan with your broadband, home phone and TV together.  

What if I’m not happy with eir?

eir has recently launched a 30-day network satisfaction guarantee for new customers, so if you’re unhappy with the service you can leave your contract.

Customers will receive either an online message or text message informing them of the change.