GoMo launches new 5G service

Customers of virtual mobile network GoMo will now have access to much faster download speeds - but some existing customers may have to upgrade their plans.

Eir-owned mobile operator GoMo has announced that all customers will be offered 5G services. 

The new 5G plan, which includes unlimited data, texts and calls, will come in at €14.99 a month on a 30-day, sim-only rolling contract — a price which GoMo says is good for life.  

Existing customers who are already on the €14.99 plan will be automatically upgraded, while those on the €9.99 and €12.99 deals will have to move to the more expensive plan to avail of the faster data speeds.  

The sim-only market is pretty competitive these days with 48, Clear Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Tesco Mobile and GoMo among the providers battling it out for customers. But until recently only the more expensive sim-only plans from the likes of Vodafone and Eir offered 5G.

But that's all set to change... 

GoMo’s pricing plans  

Launched in 2019 as a budget, virtual offshoot of Eir, GoMo made headlines for its initial offer of an all-in €9.99 per month for life deal — but only for its first 100,000 customers.  

With that figure quickly passed, a €12.99 per life deal was brought in for the next cohort of new customers. And after amassing over 250,000 customers, this was upped to €14.99 in April of 2021.  

One of the main selling points to GoMo’s offering is its ‘for life’ contract, locking in a fixed price that is immune from the constant price rises that we’ve all been dealing with recently.  

And with unlimited everything (obviously within fair usage policies) it might make sense to lock in a guaranteed price plan for the foreseeable future.  

What’s new with GoMo’s plan 

GoMo’s expansion into 5G connectivity is undoubtedly a major step for the operator. 

Previously considered a premium offering reserved for those on the most expensive of bill-play plans, 5G has become more and more affordable and available. 

It is 10 times faster than its predecessor 4G, and it’s available in over 530 towns and cities across the country, and 70% of the Irish population. 

Granted, you need a device that is 5G compatible, but most new devices are.  

If you’re a new GoMo customer, you will automatically be put on the new 5G plan. And the same goes for any existing GoMo customer on the €14.99 tariff, as they have been automatically upgraded to 5G from 28th February.  

However, it’s a bit different for GoMo’s legacy customers who signed up for either the €9.99 or €12.99 deals. While they are free to continue with their ‘for life’ prices, in order to avail of 5G connectivity they must upgrade to the €14.99 price plan. And there’s no going back — once a customer gives up their cheaper price plan, they can’t go back to that rate.   

So, a lot of customers have a big decision to make - stick with 4G, or stump up a bit more cash to get much faster data.  

Kealan Donoghue, Director of Mobile at GoMo said: 

“With 5G speeds, GoMo customers can now do more, faster. Whether you’re catching up on your favourite show, downloading the latest app, or streaming HD video, customers can now enjoy a faster and more reliable connection than ever before. GoMo is proud to continue providing customers with the best service and best value on the market.” 

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GoMo has been busy in recent weeks, as it recently announced its eSim service for international travel.  

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