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Freedom Broadband – Virgin Media's almost contract-free broadband deal

Freedom Broadband – Virgin Media's almost contract-free broadband deal
Simon Moynihan

Simon Moynihan

Staff Writer

Fast unlimited broadband is a student essential and it's now available from Virgin Media with a 30-day contract

Ever hear of the KISS Principle? Of course you have. It stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid! And it says that most things in this life are better simple rather than complicated.

Now here’s a complicated dilemma faced by thousands of people every year… you’re a student, you’ve moved into new a flat with a bunch of other students and you need broadband. To heck with TV and all that… you NEED fast, reliable, unlimited broadband! Like now! But you’re only going to be in your new flat for nine months and most broadband contracts run for 18 months or more. 

So what should you do to get online?

1. Get Daddy to sign up for you and then let him pay the penalties at the end?
2. Cancel the direct debit next year and hop on a J1 Jumbo to San Francisco?
3. Make sure that the broadband isn’t in your name?
4. Sure how bad can those prepay dongle thingies really be?

It’s a rubbish state of affairs, and can’t be that good for broadband companies either. So surely someone should do something about it, right?

A better way to get student broadband

Well, we’ve just heard from Virgin Media that they’re going to tackle the great student broadband dilemma this year. They’ve decided that they’ll be nice to students and relieve them of those terrible contract anxieties and breakage penalties… and and let them have broadband! The fast stuff! Without any of those silly unsuitable restrictions!

Here’s the way it’s going to work. You can have 240Mb Fibre broadband, it’ll be 50 quid a month, and it’s unlimited - which is just what you need. And the best bit is that the contract is only 30 days. Which is like not having a contract at all really.

So next May when you’re getting ready to bod off to Veliko Tarnovo for the summer, you can give Virgin Media their measly 30 days’ notice and Daddy won’t need to have strong words with you when you come home.

Now €50 a month isn’t the cheapest broadband out there, and there aren’t any introductory discounts, or signup gimmicks, but €50 isn’t too bad when it’s shared is it? And there’s no lengthy contracts to worry about either – so there you have it. No introductory discount = leave when you need to. Easy.

So what else?

Well, you do get a phone as well. Wait, wait! It’s better than it sounds! You can actually ring loads of people from a landline! Like America, and your parents, and the take-out! And as long as you’re ringing other landline numbers, it won’t cost you anything. And you won’t have to use up your mobile credit. Which is good.


We have this terrifically student friendly broadband deal ready for signup on It’s right here. Don’t be shy. There is a signup fee of €20 but they really do promise not to chase you for penalties next year!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the Virgin Media Freedom Broadband deal is available to ordinary oldies as well. So, yes, we can have it too.


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