UPC offers FREE Setanta Sports for 2 months
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

UPC is offering Setanta Sports for free for two months to new and existing customers who aren't already subscribed to Setanta, if they sign up before September 30th. The Setanta Sports package includes BT Sports 1 and 2, ESPN, Setanta 1 and the new home of Champions League football, BT Sports Europe.

Hate it or love it, there’s no denying that the new Premier League season is well and truly back. It’s nearly impossible to look at a computer, TV or billboard without seeing the face of an austere Arsene Wenger, a judicious Jose Mourinho or a befuddled Brendan Rodgers these days.

Fanatical footy fans are excited. And they’re about to get even more excited, thanks to an attractive new offer from UPC Ireland.

Free Setanta Sports for two months

New and existing UPC customers (who aren't already subscribed) can get Setanta Sports for free for two months by signing up before September 30th.

The Setanta Sports package includes BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, ESPN, Setanta 1 and the brand new home of Champions League and Europa League football, BT Sports Europe. That’s a whole lot of free footy for two months!

The Setanta Sports channels will show two exclusive Premier League matches live every weekend that the Premier League is on, and some of the clashes are pretty tasty. For example, the only place to see Man United v Newcastle, Chelsea v Arsenal and Chelsea v Liverpool live this season is with Setanta.

UPC knows that football isn’t for everyone though. So, if it’s the Conor McGregors and Paul O’Connells of this world that get you most excited about sport, you’re in for a treat too. UFC, Aviva Premiership and Champions Cup Rugby are all covered by the Setanta Sports package, as are lots of American sports and Formula 1.

Existing UPC customers

If you’re already a UPC customer but aren’t subscribed to Setanta Sports, you can sign up for your two free months of viewing now on our UPC Broadband & TV Deals page.

Once your two free months have passed, you’ll be charged €21 a month to keep Setanta running. There’s no contract with the offer so you can quit at any time, all you’ll have to do is pay a €10 downgrade fee to do so.

New customers

If you aren’t a UPC customer and fancy switching to avail of this offer, you can also do so now on our UPC Broadband & TV Deals page.

As with existing customers, once your two free months have elapsed, Setanta will cost you €21 a month.

Free TV for a year

Another nice incentive for new UPC customers is the ongoing offer of free TV for a year.

That means that anyone who switches to UPC, either for a Tripleplay package (that’s TV, Broadband and Phone) or a TV-only package, will get free TV for a year and free Setanta Sports for two months. With all those free channels, you'd think UPC is trying to give us all square eyes!

Great news for sports fans

With the new Premier League season up-and-running, the Champions League about to kick off, and a Rugby World Cup just around the corner, UPC’s TV offers come at a great time. Sports nuts, it’s time to get comfy!