Free Netflix for new Virgin Media customers
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

Virgin Media is now offering six months of free Netflix to new customers who sign up to any broadband deal with the provider.

Fresh on the back of sweeping the broadband and TV categories at the Awards last week, Virgin Media has some good news for all incoming broadband customers.

If you sign up to any of the provider’s broadband deals before April 30th, you’ll get Netflix for free for six months. The service costs €9.99 a month, so you’ll essentially save €60 by signing up.

And if you’re already a Netflix subscriber, you simply won’t have to pay for the service for a half a year.

How can I sign up?

You can get six months of free Netflix by signing up for any of Virgin Media’s Tripleplay, Dualplay and Freedom Broadband deals, each of which are available now on It takes less than five minutes to sign up!

Virgin Media’s Full House TV, 360Mb & Mobile World bundle comes with unlimited superfast fibre broadband, over 100 TV channels and free calls to mobiles and landlines in Ireland and 22 international destinations.

It’s a 12-month contract and it costs €45 a month for the first 6 months, €95 a month after that.

If you’d like to let Netflix take care of all of your viewing needs and don’t want a TV plan, you could opt for the provider’s 360Mb & Mobile World dualplay bundle, which costs €40 a month for 4 months, €60 a month after that. It’s a 12-month contract too.

Six months of free Netflix is also available with Virgin Media’s Freedom Broadband product, which comes with unlimited 240Mb fibre broadband on a rolling monthly contract, meaning you can cancel at any time without being hit with a penalty fee. It costs €55 a month, every month.

Is your broadband fast enough for Netflix?

According to Netflix themselves, a broadband connection speed of 3 Mbps is needed for a standard quality stream and a speed of 25 Mbps is needed for ultra HD.

With top speeds of 360 Mbps, Virgin Media provides the fastest broadband that’s widely available in Ireland, and they currently top of Netflix’s own Irish speed charts. Tweet this!

The provider also recently made it possible for customers to watch Netflix on their TV through their set-top box.

Ready to binge?

With TV series like ‘Mad Men’ and the second season of ‘Love’ just added to Netflix, and with comedy specials from Louis C.K. and Kevin Hart on the way this month, it’s a good time to join Ireland’s 200,000-plus subscribers and sign up.

You can browse and sign up to any of Virgin Media’s broadband deals on now.