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Virgin Media customers can now watch Netflix on Horizon TV

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Virgin Media customers can now watch Netflix on Horizon TV
Mark Whelan

Mark Whelan

Staff Writer

From today, Virgin Media customers can watch Netflix on their television sets via Horizon TV channels 999 and 300. Very convenient and just in time for those Christmas viewing binges you’ve been planning!

By simply flicking to channel 999 or 300 on Horizon TV, Virgin Media customers can log in to their Netflix account and binge away on box sets without having to grab their laptop or tablet.

There’s no added cost for watching Netflix on Horizon TV, other than the usual Netflix subscription fee, which is currently €7.99 a month for new customers. And the first month is free.

Non-Netflix subscribers can sign up to the service through the app on Horizon TV.

Critically-acclaimed shows like Stranger Things, House of Cards and Black Mirror are all available on Netflix and are likely to be hugely popular over the Christmas period - the perfect time of year for catching up on all of the shows you've been hearing so much about.

It really is the Platinum Age of TV, folks!

Signing up to Virgin Media

If you aren’t a Virgin Media customer, there really has never been a better time to sign up.

The provider is currently offering a €50 discount every month for the first 6 months to all new Tripleplay customers - so, €300 off in total. exclusive - free €50 One4 all voucher

On top of the €300 discount, you can also get a free €50 One4all voucher by signing up to any Virgin Media Tripleplay bundle...but only if you do so on by December 31st!

These vouchers can be used in virtually any shop and could provide a very welcome spending boost at this expensive time of year.

The most popular Virgin Media bundle on right now is the provider's 360 Mb, Horizon TV & Anytime World deal, which comes with unlimited superfast broadband, 80 TV channels and a home phone plan. It costs €40 for the first 6 months and €90 a month thereafter.

Best broadband deals

To enjoy a reliable Netflix stream on Horizon TV – or on any household device for that matter - you need an unlimited, fast broadband connection of course.

Virgin Media’s 360 Mb broadband is currently the fastest connection speed that is widely available in Ireland, so the provider’s agreement with Netflix makes a tonne of sense.

However, there are plenty of special Christmas offers available across all providers at the moment, so the best way find the deal that's right for you is to visit our Compare Broadband, Phone & TV page.

And if you discover any new gems on Netflix this Christmas, let us know your recommendations!


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