launches Ireland's first cross-network fibre broadband availability check
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

Since started, now over 10 years ago, we have stayed true to our ethos of prioritising how customers interact with our service, and the launch of our new and improved fibre broadband availability check function is yet another move in the right direction of putting the customer's experience first.

If you’re considering changing your broadband provider, now is the perfect time, with plenty of great deals on offer across all providers in Ireland. 

From the reliable broadband speeds of 100Mbps to the heady heights of superfast fibre-powered broadband, consumers have never had more choice.

And now, thanks to our brand new availability check on, we’ve made it even easier for you to find the fastest broadband speeds available where you live.

What’s new?

As you may know, customers in Ireland have different levels of access to fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband, all depending on what’s available in a particular area.

Fibre-to-the-home broadband is often called pure fibre broadband as a high-speed fibre optic cable runs all the way into your home, meaning your connection doesn't have to rely on older, and slower, telephone copper cables for any of the journey. This means fast and super reliable speeds of up to 1,000Mbps are possible. 

Although many retailers in Ireland sell pure fibre broadband (such as Eir, Sky, Digiweb, Vodafone, Virgin Media, Pure Telecom, and a host of smaller providers) there are only three networks: Open Eir (the wholesale arm of Eir), SIRO (a joint venture between Vodafone and the ESB) and Virgin Media.

We should point out that although Virgin Media's network is capable of offering speeds of up to 1Gbps, it is strictly speaking a fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) connection and not a FTTH one, as there will be some copper in the final stages of your connection.

Up until now, depending on the network, it wasn't always possible to tell exactly where a pure fibre broadband connection was available. This sometimes led to customers signing up for an offer only to be told at a later stage, once further checks had been completed, that the service was unavailable in their area.

However, at we’ve helped to cut through that confusion as our website is now the only place in Ireland that can show you what pure fibre services are available in your area, across all three Irish networks, based solely on your address.

In other words, comparing, switching, and saving on your broadband just got a whole lot simpler.

How it works

When comparing the best deals with our broadband comparison tool, all you have to do is enter your address or eircode. We'll then match you with all the broadband deals and bundles available in your area, including all those pure, FTTH services. 

Our software allows us to speedily check what networks and infrastructure you’re connected to, such as the fibre-powered Open Eir, SIRO, and Virgin Media networks, and then match you with the broadband deals available for you to sign up to, never missing out on any faster deals again.

To compare the best broadband deals currently available at your address, simply fill in your details and our intuitive comparison tool will do the rest.

Finding the right plan

We all know it can take some time to find the best broadband deal to suit your needs, not to mention how unnecessarily confusing it can sometimes get. However, that's why at we’ve always been about making things easier for you, the customer, and helping you save money at the same time.

This year we celebrated our 10th anniversary and today we continue to update and improve our customer user experience, always looking for ways to make the money-saving experience that bit more intuitive and satisfying.

That's why our comparison tool, with its new and improved availability check function, makes the comparison process much quicker and much more thorough, including all the fastest deals across all networks and providers, and assembled all in one place for ease of access.

So, what are you waiting for? Find the best broadband deal for you using our broadband comparison tool today!

Need some help?

If you’re a bit overwhelmed by the choice available and are seeking some guidance, why not check out the following?

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