N26 Metal: Is it time to upgrade?
Conor Dever
Staff Writer

The digital bank has followed its contemporary Revolut by releasing a metal card with extra benefits this month.

Digital banks are really shaking up the financial landscape and two names rule the roost: N26 and Revolut. With traditional banks having such poor reputations, paired with the glacial pace at which they announce new services, a digital bank can be a fantastic way to have real-time control over your finances.

N26 is a German digital bank which this month announced it was following in the footsteps of Revolut by offering a metal card. 

Metal is the third product released from N26 after its standard account and its first premium offering; N26 Black. 

Their entry-level standard account doesn’t cost you a penny and if you are enjoying the card, then we're going to review whether it’s worth the upgrade.

Premium benefits

N26 Black and N26 Metal come with a range of extra benefits compared to the free version.

Metal has all the same benefits as the Black card but has two distinct advantages, these being partner discounts with the likes of Headspace, WeWork and Hotels.com, as well as priority customer support which is available on the phone or via chat in the app. And of course a lovely, stainless steel debit card. 

Other benefits included with both premium accounts that you won't get with the standard account include an Allianz-backed insurance package which covers phone theft, flight and luggage delay cover, foreign medical expenses with 24/7 medical phone assistance, as well as extended warranties on certain items bought with the card. 

You will also get extra Spaces accounts for your savings.

No foreign exchange fees

When you pay with an N26 card online and in stores outside of the eurozone there are no markups and no foreign exchange transaction fees meaning frequent travellers could really save big. What's more, with N26 Black and Metal, you can also withdraw cash for FREE in ANY currency from ATMs around the world too.

With the standard N26 card you'll be charged a 1.7% fee for cash withdrawals (mind you this is still far cheaper than almost every other bank).

N26: Standard V Black V Metal

Features N26 Standard N26 Black N26 Metal


Free €9.90/month €16.90/month

Receive push notifications with your account activity

Yes Yes Yes

Instant Mastercard freezing should card be misplaced

Yes Yes Yes

Secure fingerprint login

Yes Yes Yes

Instant, real-time bank transfers

Yes Yes Yes

Make international money transfers with TransferWise

Yes Yes Yes

N26 Spaces - which can function as a savings account

Two accounts 10 Accounts 10 Accounts

Automatic categorization of your spending, to keep an eye on what your money is being spent on 

Yes Yes Yes

Export and print transactions

Yes Yes Yes

Debit card payments worldwide

Free Free Free

ATM cash withdrawals worldwide

1.70% Free Free

Priority customer support




Foreign medical expenses cover

No Yes Yes

Flight and luggage delay cover

No Yes Yes

Theft insurance

No Yes Yes

Extended warranty

No Yes Yes
Exclusive discounts with partners
No No Yes

Is it worth it?

It depends on a couple of things. If you are sick of your bank's glacial pace for releasing new features we’d highly recommend that you look into switching to a digital bank like N26. Whether you need to upgrade to one of its premium accounts will depend on your own personal preferences.

Some of you might just want that sexy metal card and go for it because of this. However, when it comes to benefits, upgrading is probably best reserved for frequent travellers who will benefit from the travel insurance package as well as the free worldwide ATM withdrawals.

What do you think?

Are you an N26 customer? Thinking of upgrading to Metal? Why? Get in touch and let us know!

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