KBC adds new benefits for current account customers
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

KBC customers can now get a 25% discount on home insurance as well as free access to the bank’s Start2Invest plan.

Was one of your new year’s resolutions to be smarter with your money? If so, you’re not alone.

Every year, thousands of us commit to saving more and spending less. But alas, it’s easier said than done.

But there’s good news for KBC customers who are aiming to make their money go a bit further in 2018, as the bank has offered two new benefits to its Extra current account offering,

Home insurance discount

New and existing KBC Extra Current Account customers can get a 25% discount on their home insurance for 12 months, with a guaranteed 10% off in subsequent years.

To avail of the offer, customers must lodge €2,500 into their Extra current account every month and take out a KBC home insurance policy.

No investment plan entry fees

In addition to the home insurance discount, KBC is offering to waive entry fees to its Start2Invest investment plan for 12 months for its Extra Current Account holders.

KBC’s Start2Invest plan is designed for inexperienced investors, who are looking to start a regular investment plan. Customers can passively invest as little as €125 a month with the plan, which usually comes with a 1% entry fee.

Once again, customers must lodge €2,500 into their Extra Current Account every month to avail of this offer.

Looking to switch to KBC?

If you like the sound of these offers and want to switch your current account to KBC, you’re in luck.

Last year, the bank made it possible for new customers to open an account in just five minutes from a smartphone.

Current account switching is shockingly low in Ireland, despite the potential benefits of doing so and the existence of the Central Bank’s Switching Code, which is designed to make the switching process smooth and straightforward.

Current accounts are competitive again

After years of stagnation, there was a surge in activity and innovation in the Irish current account market in 2017.

We saw the arrival of the likes of Android Pay, Apple Pay and FitBit Pay, as well as a wave of substantial mortgage rate discount offers from a number of banks for current account holders.

If you think it’s time to switch, you can easily compare fees and benefits on offer on our Compare Current Accounts page now.