KBC launches Fitbit Pay
Robyn Hamilton
Staff Writer

Fitness fanatic KBC customers will be pleased to hear that the bank has become the first in Ireland (and indeed one of the first banks in the world) to offer Fitbit Pay. This new innovation will give customers the option to pay for goods and services at the flick of a wrist with their Fitbit fitness smartwatch.

Holding fast to its commitment to deliver a digital-first strategy, the introduction of Fitbit Pay is the latest initiative from KBC Bank’s Innovation Hub, which has already launched a new app that allows customers to open a new current account in just 5 minutes. Based in Dublin, KBC’s Innovation Hub is part of KBC Group’s €1.5 billion investment in digital.

So, what is Fitbit Pay?

Fitbit Pay is a new way to pay for goods and services contactlessly, and works much in the same way as Apple Pay and Android Pay already do.

Fitbit Pay brings convenience and freedom to KBC customers to leave their smartphone and wallet at home, and easily make purchases at thousands of stores where contactless payments are already accepted.

KBC customers will be able to add their KBC debit and/or credit card to their Fitbit Ionic smartwatch via the Fitbit app and make payments by simply holding their watch over contactless terminals in store. This will offer even greater flexibility for KBC customers to make secure purchases on the move.

Since KBC launched digital wallets, over a quarter of its debit and credit card carrying customers are now using Android and Apple Pay as their preferred payment option, so it’s safe to say that fitness enthusiasts out and about will welcome this addition with open arms.

Who is eligible for Fitbit Pay?

To use Fitbit Pay you must be a KBC customer and have the latest model of Fitbit smartwatch, the Fitbit Ionic.

How do I setup and use Fitbit Pay?

Fitbit Pay can be easily set-up on Fitbit Ionic by following simple steps within the Fitbit mobile app on Android or iOS smartphones to add a credit or debit card to the Fitbit Wallet. Making payments in stores that accept contactless payments is also very easy. Simply press and hold the left side button until the debit or credit card is seen on the Fitbit Ionic screen, and hold the watch against the payment terminal until a confirmation of the payment appears on the Ionic screen.

Is Fitbit Pay safe to use?

Fitbit Pay transactions have enhanced safeguards. Using an industry standard tokenisation platform, (the likes of which you’ll also find in Android and Apple Pay) a user’s card information is never revealed or shared with merchants or Fitbit. Plus, a protected PIN is chosen by the user during the Fitbit Wallet set-up for an added layer of protection.

Not a KBC customer?

If you're not a KBC customer but you like the sound of its digital innovations, why not considering switching current accounts? Switching is a relatively simple process, despite common perceptions. Before you make any decisions, be sure to compare all current account offerings on the market