Quickstart Guide - Serious Illness Cover
Sarah Rigney
Staff Writer

Here at bonkers.ie, we want to help you discover a serious illness policy that’s ideal for you. We’ve put together this series of helpful articles to assist you when taking out cover.

Welcome to the first guide in our five-part serious illness cover series, which aims to help you find the best value cover for you on the market. 

In this article, you’ll find the other guides in the series linked throughout it, accompanied by a brief outline of what each one focuses on. 

If you don’t know how to compare serious illness cover, what steps are involved in cancelling your policy, or what questions people ask when taking out a policy, then look no further! 

How to compare serious illness cover on bonkers.ie

This is the second guide in our series and it aims to make it easier for you to understand the comparison and application process for serious illness cover. 

The guide outlines how to use our serious illness comparison service, the questions you’ll be asked, and how to review your policy quotes and benefits. 

Our guide illustrates everything involved in the process, from selecting the right level of cover to what happens after you submit your application.

Cancelling your serious illness policy and the cooling-off period

Are you worried you’ll change your mind after you purchase your policy? Well, fret not as the third guide in our series will walk you through cancelling your policy.

There are a variety of reasons why you may decide to cancel your policy. For example, you may find your cover is too expensive, or that you no longer need cover. 

Here we explain what the cooling-off period is and outline how you go about cancelling your serious illness policy. 

13 common serious illness insurance questions answered

The fourth guide in our series aims to resolve any common questions or queries you may have in relation to taking out serious illness cover.

We go through frequently asked questions and answer them in a straightforward, clear manner. 

So, if you’re wondering what the difference between accelerated and additional serious illness cover is, or what sort of illnesses and ailments are covered under a typical policy, head over to this guide to find out.

7 things to know before taking out serious illness cover

Before jumping the gun and taking out the first serious illness cover policy you come across, we’d recommend doing some research beforehand.

In this guide, we outline 7 important things you should know before taking out cover. You’ll learn all about what causes a policy price to vary, why smokers pay more, and when you won’t be covered under a policy. 

Find the right policy for you today

You can find the right serious illness policy to suit your needs by using our free serious illness comparison service. Our tool allows you to compare policy benefits and features from Ireland’s main providers in just a few clicks.

Once you find the policy that best suits your needs, you can apply online and even be covered in less than an hour.

We also have insurance comparison services for life insurance, mortgage protection insurance, home insurance, and car insurance.

Be sure to check out our energy, broadband and banking comparison tools as well to save on your everyday bills!

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