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Aviva Life and Standalone Serious Illness (with Indexation)

Best Doctors

About the policy

Aviva Life & Pensions Ireland

  • A lump sum will be paid out if you die or suffer a specified illness within the term of the policy
  • Your premium will change throughout the term of your policy
  • This policy is suitable for family protection, business protection and interest-only mortgages


Terminal illness benefit

If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, your life cover will be paid out, so long as there are 12 months or more until the policy is due to end.

A terminal illness is an illness that, according to the attending Consultant, has no known cure, has progressed to a point at which it is deemed incurable or is expected to lead to death within 12 months.

Children's life cover

Each of your children will be covered for €2,500 for the duration of the policy and only one claim will be paid per child. Your children are also covered for the specified illnesses covered by the plan.

For full-payment illnesses, either €25,000 or half of your cover amount will be paid, whichever is lower. The term, ‘children’ refers to any child, stepchild or adopted child who is aged between 30 days and 21.


Indexation ensures that your cover increases by approximately 3% and your premium increases by approximately 4% each year until you turn 75. This helps to protect the real value of your cover as time passes.

You can decline the automatic increase at any anniversary and if you decline the increases two years in a row, this option will be removed from your policy.

Specified illness

If you are diagnosed with one of 51 specified serious illnesses during the term of your policy, a lump sum will be paid out. You will also be covered under Partial Payment Specified Serious Illness Cover for an additional 22 specified illnesses.

In accelerated serious illness, if the level of cover and illness amounts are the same and an accelerated illness claim is made then the policy ends after pay-out


Best Doctors

If you or a loved one are diagnosed with serious illness, Best Doctors can help. An in-depth review of your medical files will be conducted by a Best Doctors medical specialist to give a second opinion and to help verify your diagnosis and treatment options.

The process can reduce potentially serious complications that can result from a misdiagnosis, and can help you and your treating doctor determine the proper course of action. Best Doctors can also offer advice on additional chronic ailments you may experience.


Quotation is valid for 7 days or until age next quarter (whichever is sooner). This quotation assumes that you are accepted by the insurance company at standard rates. Aviva Non Smoker rates assume that you have not smoked/used any tobacco related products in the last 12 months. Aviva will class you as a smoker even if you use nicotine replacement products or e-cigarettes. All premiums quoted include the 1% government levy. The minimum premium with Aviva is €20.00 per month or €200 per annum


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