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With Black Friday just around the corner there are lots of great deals available to Irish consumers. We’ve waded through some of the best ones below!

It’s not exactly an Irish tradition or institution but we celebrate it nonetheless; of course we’re talking about Black Friday!

With its origins in North America, Black Friday is now synonymous with consumer deals and bargains both in-store and online, especially when paired up with Cyber Monday (but that’s another kettle of fish!)

This year Black Friday falls on 26th November and there are plenty of great deals to be had for shoppers in advance of the big day, as well as Cyber Monday on 29th, which could help save you some serious dosh this Christmas.

Virgin Media

Kicking off our list of Black Friday bargains this year is Virgin Media, which has aptly named its promotion ‘Red Friday’, and which will run until November 29th.

Virgin Media has announced a number of great offers and free gifts across its broadband, phone and TV bundles.

And while there are plenty of tempting offers to choose from, there’s one deal in particular that caught our eye here at

What’s on offer?

On the hunt for a new mobile plan this festive season? Well, look no further than Virgin Mobile because its Red Friday deal might just be up your street.

Virgin Mobile is offering its Unlimited SIM-only plan for just €10 a month for 12 months, perfect for those just out of a billpay contract and who don't need a new phone just yet.

With its Unlimited plan Virgin Mobile customers get unlimited calls, texts, and 4G data. That being said, customers are subject to a fair usage policy of 10,000 calls and texts per month, and while Virgin doesn’t specify limits on its data, it does say if your usage is outrageously high (we’re paraphrasing!) it retains the right to throttle your speed - so no mining Bitcoin I guess….darn!

After the initial 12 months the price will revert to €25 per month.

This deal is open to new Virgin Mobile customers as well as existing broadband and TV customers of Virgin Media. Existing Virgin Mobile customers can add an additional SIM to their account for family or friends (up to a maximum of four per account) to avail of the offer if they wish.

What’s more, Virgin Mobile is offering the iPhone 12 (128GB) and the Samsung Galaxy S21 (128GB) from free on its billpay plans, and it will also throw in a FREE pair of JLab Epic Air Sport Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds worth €119.

So, if you’re looking for a cheap upgrade to a brand new phone this deal might also be worth a gander.

Is it a good deal?

At only a tenner a month this is the cheapest SIM-only deal on the market right now.

As mentioned above the deal reverts to €25 per month after the initial 12-month contract. But €120 for your mobile costs for an entire year is great value, especially if you’re just out of an expensive billpay plan.

Virgin Mobile uses the Three network which also means you’ll get access to one of the biggest networks in Ireland as well as 99% 3G/4G coverage throughout the country.

Interested in cutting the cost of your mobile bills then? You can sign up here at this link!


We could talk about several of Sky’s deals this year, but we’ll focus on just one for brevity!

Sky is offering customers its Sky Signature TV package, 500Mbps broadband, as well as either Sky Cinema or Sky Sports for only €60 per month for 12 months.

This plan does come with a €50 setup cost, but for a first year price of only €770 this deal is a very tempting one, especially for those looking to upgrade their home entertainment package.

And while a home phone isn’t the most in-demand utility these days, this deal also includes a landline, offering free off-peak calls to Irish landlines.

Is it a good deal?

While there are a number of jumping off points to begin with here, we’ll start with price. It would be an understatement to say that €770 is definitely a great price for the quality of service that Sky provides, not to mention the broadband speed you receive with this deal.

Usually customers could expect to pay €1,742 for this package, so that's a discount of almost €1,000!

However, the follow-on price once your contract expires after 12 months is €141 per month, so a big jump, so if you want to make sure you’re getting the best value you’ll need to switch after one year - but that’s easy on!

Being a Sky customer also means having access to top-quality tech with Sky Q being a stand-out feature. The latest set-top box from Sky incorporates a slick interface and user-friendliness, as well as 1TB of storage, the ability to record three shows and watch a fourth live, and more!

And with access to Sky Signature TV customers will have access to over 60 TV channels, all box sets available on Sky’s platform, not to mention a full entertainment package in either Sky Sports or Sky Cinema.

The Sky GO app is also an invaluable, relatively new feature customers will have access to which allows you to stream on the go on a phone, tablet, or computer - especially useful if someone is hogging the TV! The Sky GO app isn’t Chromecast compatible, however, which is a downside.

This deal is also only available to new customers and not existing customers, unfortunately. 

Check out all of Sky’s deals here.


If you’re looking to upgrade your home with the latest smart devices then one of Vodafone’s Black Friday deals could be for you.

Vodafone is offering new customers switching to its broadband, home phone, and TV plans a FREE Google Nest Audio worth €80 as well as a smart home starter pack worth €159.

Included in the smart home pack are a TP-Link smart plug and a TP-Link smart bulb, perfect for simple and quick upgrades to make your home more tech-savvy!

The Google Nest Audio is a smart home speaker from Google and is part of its Smart Home device range. The Nest Audio facilitates voice activation and allows homeowners to stream their favourite music and control their smart home using only their voice - useful for any household!

The promotion is available across a range of Vodafone's plans and is available for sign up from Monday 22nd November to November 30th.

Vodafone also has a number of tempting promotions across its mobile offering for those looking for an upgrade, including up to €200 off a selection of its must-have handsets when you switch to Vodafone billpay.

Some of those great offers include the Apple iPhone 12 for free on a €60 per month plan, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 for free on the same deal.

Is it a good deal?

This Black Friday deal from Vodafone is undeniably great value for customers looking to upgrade their home with the latest smart technology.

And even if you’ve already started your collection of smart home devices, having a smart plug or smart bulb won't go astray, not to mention a FREE Google smart speaker too!

At the moment Vodafone is offering superb deals across all products, including Gigabit broadband for only €45 per month, as well as triple play bundles starting at only €55 per month.

And you can see all the deals available from Vodafone on


Digiweb is also getting in on the action this year.

It's offering up to 100Mbps broadband and a home phone package with free calls at anytime for just €30 a month for six months - then €49.95 a month thereafter. Digiweb is also offering a FREE Fritz DECT 500 Smart Bulb with each order placed.

It's a 12-month contract and there's currently no sign up or activation fee either.

Is it a good deal?

This is a pretty good deal from Digiweb. However you're only getting part-fibre or fibre-to-the-cabinet broadband. This means the maximum speed you can get will depend on your home's distance from the local telephone exchange cabinet. The closer you are the better the speeds will be and this be confirmed by Digiweb during the order process. 

See here to sign up to this deal today.


For €39.99 a month, Eir is offering new customers 500Mbps unlimited fibre broadband and a FREE Eir Smart WiFi hub, which usually retails for €99.99. This little piece of tech can come in quite handy as it helps to improve your internet signal and strength by around 10 times - so there’ll be no room left unconnected!

Customers will also receive €50 off their first bill.

The deal also includes a landline with unlimited off-peak local and national calls, and the extras don’t stop there either!

New customers will also get a year's free subscription to Amazon Prime video - not too shabby.

Before signing up, however, you should be aware this broadband deal comes on a 24-month contract, whereas most broadband deals come on a standard 12-month contract.

Also, to get this deal you must obviously be in an area where fibre broadband is available.

You can see all the deals available from Eir on

Is it a good deal?

This isn’t a bad deal from Eir, especially for the speed you're getting - and throw in €50 bill credit, free Amazon Prime Video for one year, and a FREE Smart WiFi hub and you’ve certainly got our attention.

An Amazon Prime Video subscription alone will cost you €5.99 per month or €71.88 for the year, so all things considered price-wise, it’s very, very tempting if you're looking for a faster broadband connection.

Irish Black Friday deals

The pandemic has been extremely tough on Irish businesses in that many, especially those with only bricks and mortar stores, have been closed for the better part of two years.

And while many have adapted and gone online in that time, others were simply not able to for a number of reasons.

That’s why we’d like to wrap up our Black Friday deals roundup with a random selection of Irish businesses to consider supporting this Black Friday, and throughout the holiday season.

Who to choose from

    • Gym+Coffee - Gym+Coffee is one of Ireland’s most well-known athleisure brands and has a number of stores around the country, supplying customers with top-of-the-range gym gear. 
    • Eirlooms - Eirlooms sources the best of craft from Ireland, from the useful to the whimsical. Its collection is comprised of a wide range of Irish products such as Irish jewellery, personalised baby gifts, and Irish hampers/gift boxes.
    • Kilkenny Shop - from homeware, to fashion and beauty products, the Kilkenny Shop has been of staple of the Irish high street for years and is always worth a look for those looking for a Christmas gift.  
    • Jam Art Prints - selling screenprints, digital illustrations, lino cuts, laser cuts, giclée, lithographs, and photography from Irish-based artists, Jam Art Prints is worth a look. 
    • Galway Crystal - not as well known as its 'cousins' from Tipperary or Waterford perhaps but no less elegant. This company sells glasses, home decor, lighting and jewellery.
    • DID Electrical - From TVs and tech to home appliances and more, DID has some great offers this year. Check out their website or in-store for the latest offers ahead of November 26th.
    • Nimble Fingers - this Dublin-based toyshop has been making children and their parents happy for generations and has grown a substantial online presence in recent years.
    • Lifestyle Sports - Arguably the most well known sports shop in the country, and it’s Irish too! Lifestyle Sports has some big discounts across its fashion, fitness, football, and rugby ranges this year so make sure to check them out. It also does free next day delivery which can prove very useful!
    • Local book shops - If you’re thinking about getting a loved one or friend the latest bestseller this Black Friday, try and source it from a local book shop, second-hand store or an equivalent and support local when they need it most. You can't beat a personal touch!

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