Vodafone launches €25 autumn sale
Robyn Hamilton
Staff Writer

Vodafone has some good news for anyone looking to save a few quick bucks on their broadband, phone and TV bills this autumn. New customers (and existing customers who are upgrading) can sign up to any combination of Vodafone broadband, home phone and TV for an introductory price of €25 a month for the first six months of their 18-month contract.

From today, new customers, and existing customers who are upgrading, can sign up to any broadband, phone and TV deal from Vodafone for only €25 per month for the first six months. This represents a €15 per month discount from Vodafone’s usual €40 per month six-month introductory offer.

€150 for six months of broadband, phone and TV? Where do I sign up?

This certainly sounds like an attractive offer but as we always advise here on bonkers.ie, customers should remember to consider the overall lifetime value of a deal over the course of its entire contract before rushing to sign up.

It’s important to note that when you sign up with Vodafone, you’ll be locked into an 18-month contract, of which only six months are discounted, meaning that your bill could rise significantly after that initial introductory period. By how much, all depends on your plan. Let’s take a closer look at three different plan types and assess their value for money.  

Broadband only

If you don’t want or need a home phone or TV package, Vodafone’s Simply Broadband offer could be perfect for you, as it offers solid value for money.

If you sign up today, for 18 months of 100Mb/s unlimited broadband you can expect to pay €690 (six months x €25 + 12 months x €45). That’s a total saving of €120.

Broadband and Home Phone

If you add a home phone package into the mix with unlimited landline and mobile calls to Irish numbers you can expect to pay €870 for your 18-month contract (six months x €25 + 12 months x €60). That’s a total saving of €210.  

Broadband, Phone & TV

Want to add in 50 TV channels?

For Vodafone’s tripleplay bundle that includes Vodafone TV (50 channels), Simply Broadband as well as well as unlimited landline and mobile calls to Irish numbers you'll pay €1,170 for 18 months (six months x €25 + 12 months x €85). That’s a total saving of €360.

Which plan is right for me?

Finding the ideal broadband bundle can be confusing, which is why companies such as ourselves here at bonkers.ie exist. We’re all about making things easier for the customer and helping you save money at the same time.

The last thing you want to do is lock yourself into a contract that’s not right for you and it’s easy to get confused by the many, many offers on hand.  

The possible savings from this new deal are significant but remember that the above comparison only looks at three of the many deals Vodafone has on offer. Everyone’s needs are different so to find the best deal for you, be sure to compare all of Vodafone’s deals, or you could take a look at this quick comparison of tripleplay bundles from Irelands four biggest broadband providers.

To compare all types of deals across all of Ireland's providers, visit our Compare Broadband, TV and Phone page.