Virgin Media wants to pick up your January bill
Robyn Hamilton
Staff Writer

Some great news for anyone in the market for a new dual or tripleplay bundle. If you sign up with Virgin Media between the 4th and 14th of December, the broadband, phone and TV provider will pick up your January bill. Nice one!

Christmas has come early for anyone looking to get up and running with a new dual or tripleplay bundle before the holidays. Virgin Media is offering an exclusive sign-up offer for new customers. Let’s take a look at the details.

So what’s the deal?

New customers who sign up to certain dualplay (broadband & phone) or tripleplay (broadband, phone & TV) bundles between now and the 14th of December will get their January bill for FREE.

Virgin Media will apply credit to the customer’s January 2018 bill to the amount of the monthly value of their chosen bundle.

Sounds good, are there any catches?

Just one or two little ones - premium customers hoping for a free month of Sky Sports or Movies might be disappointed as the offer does not extend to cover extra add-ons such as movie rentals, non-bundle rate calls or any premium services or technician installs.

You must be a new customer, the offer does not extend to existing customers, or customers downgrading.

It should also be noted that customers must sign up via direct debit to avail of this offer.  

Why is this a good offer?

Aside from getting a free month worth of broadband, phone and telly, Virgin Media is the only telecommunications provider offering installation right up until Christmas Eve - this is versus competitors who cannot promise beyond December 12th.

That means if you’re ready to sign up to a new bundle today, you can be sure of having everything sorted and up and running for the busy Christmas period.

Bonus: Many of the bundles included in this offer also come with 6 month introductory price discounts, so if you’re thinking of making the switch, it might be well within your interests to check out what’s on offer.

Ready to sign up?

Why not compare all of Virgin Media’s bundles, or better yet, compare bundles across all providers to ensure you’re getting the best deal for you.

In the video below, we give a run through of some of the most compelling tripleplay bundles on the market right now: