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Virgin Media to offer up to 500Mb/s broadband

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Virgin Media to offer up to 500Mb/s broadband
Conor Dever

Conor Dever

Staff Writer

Virgin Media is changing its broadband and triple-play packages with all products now starting at €39 a month and speeds of up to 500Mb/s. But what exactly is changing? We take a look...

Most of the news this year in the broadband department has focussed on new services becoming available either through SIRO, OpenEir or satellite broadband.

Virgin Media is eager not to be left behind as it announces changes to its broadband and triple-play offerings.

All of their packages will cost you €39 for the first six months.

Dual-play is no more...sort of

One of the biggest changes to the lineup is the announcement that it will no longer offer dual play bundles as standard (that's home phone and broadband) as it opts rather to streamline its offerings.

This means that if you want to get broadband from the service provider, you can choose between its Naked line-up or one of its triple-play bundles.

If you want to add a phone package to your broadband you can do so for a small additional fee, but it will no longer come in a standard dual play bundle. 

Speed changes

Up until now, Virgin Media offered two internet speeds: 240Mb and 360Mb.

This will change to three options: 250Mb, 360Mb, and 500Mb. So a small increase in the basic speed and a new, faster speed option.

So what will the packages look like?

Naked Options

This is what the new Naked broadband-only options from Virgin Media will look like:

Package Naked 250 Naked 360 Naked 500
Price €39 (6 months) €59 thereafter €39 (6 months) €64 thereafter €39 (6 months) €69 thereafter
First year cost €588 €618 €648
Internet speed Up to 250Mb Up to 360Mb Up to 500Mb

Optional Extras Cost
Virgin Media Sports App €5
Phone add-on (World Talk)* €3
Phone add-on (World Unlimited Talk)** €5

*Unlimited minutes to landlines in Ireland and 22 international countries 

**Unlimited minutes to landlines and mobiles in Ireland and 22 international countries 

Triple-play bundles

This is what the new triple-play options will look like:

Package Virgin Mix 250 Virgin Mix 360 Virgin Mix 500
Price €39 (6 months) €89 thereafter €39 (6 months) €94 thereafter €39 (6 months) €99 thereafter
First year cost €768 €798 €828
Internet speed Up to 250Mb Up to 360Mb Up to 500Mb
TV Virgin Mix TV Virgin Mix TV Full House TV
Phone World Talk  World Talk  World Unlimited Talk 

The new packages will be available to both new and existing customers from Thursday 7th March.

Don’t forget, compare before you switch!

Though the lure of special offers can be strong, make sure that you’re making the right choice for your own needs before you commit to any deals. 

You can compare all deals, across all providers on right now. 


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