Virgin Media offering big discounts on its broadband and tripleplay bundles this January
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

The new year has landed and with it some amazing offers, especially for those savvy switchers among us looking to get the best deals on broadband and TV this January.

It’s doubtless that consumers will be inundated with countless great offers across a range of broadband, TV and home phone plans as 2020 begins. And with January being the month where many consumers switch supplier it's welcome with open arms!

It’s Virgin Media however who is the first out of the blocks with its broadband and tripleplay promotion, offering up to 38% off selected plans!

Here’s what’s up for grabs.

What’s on offer

Virgin Media is offering a whole host of new offers to new customers across its triple play and broadband connections.

Today Virgin Media has announced €34 off all three of its tripleplay bundles for 12 months, which will see new customers save up to a total of 38% off the original bundle price.

The first of the triple play plans is the ‘Virgin Mix 250’ which costs €55 per month, originally €89, and provides customers with a broadband speed of 250Mb, plus more than 50 TV channels in glorious HD.

The next tiered plan is the ‘Virgin Mix 500’ costing €60 per month, originally €94, with increased broadband speeds of 500Mb, again including more than 50 TV channels in HD. 

Last but not least, the ‘Virgin Full House 500’ is equipped for the entire family’s use; as well as boasting broadband speeds of up to 500Mb this package comes with over 100 TV channels in HD and costs €65, down from €99.

All three bundles additionally come with Smart WiFi (more on that below) and Virgin Media Sport with offers running from Monday 6th January to Wednesday 4th March.

The offers are subject to a 12-month contract and come with free activation (usually €30).

Broadband-only deals

As well as the above offers on its tripleplay bundles, Virgin Media is also offering a discount of €19 off its broadband-only plans - a great way to save on broadband in the New Year.

Broadband speeds of 250Mb, 360Mb, and 500Mb will cost you €40, €45, and €50 a month respectively, reverting to the original pricing of €59, €64 and €69 after the first six months.

All three connections are subject to a contract of 12 months and come with Smart WiFi and a free ‘Virgin Media TV Anywhere Sports Pass’ for all those sporting fanatics in your life. The pass enables footy fans to watch matches live as well as catching up on TV on any device with the Virgin Media TV Anywhere app.

Smart WiFi

Smart WiFi is an evolution of the household router which uses 'Channel Optimisation' to ensure you're getting the best speed and connection for your money. It prevents WiFi congestion by automatically switching the signal to a less congested channel. In short it makes streaming and browsing the internet faster and more reliable around your home - check out our blog on Virgin's Smart Wifi for more info.

Value for money

Although they may seem a little pricey at first glance, one must remember the internet speeds you’re paying for are significantly faster than the average broadband bundle which clocks speeds of up to 100Mb in most cases, compared to Virgin’s internet speed that starts at 250Mb.

The basic broadband package is ideal for college houses or house shares where multi-device streaming is paramount, even online gaming, while the faster connection is perfect for large families whose bandwidth is that bit more stretched.

Similarly, the basic tripleplay pack boasts speeds of up to 250Mb, usually coming in just under that in practice, while the most expensive package has up to 500Mb and over 100 TV channels, ideal for a big family. As well as that the tripleplay bundles include anytime calls to both Irish landlines and mobiles.

Throw in Virgin Media Sport, as well as the capability of running Smart WiFi and you’ve got yourself a deal!

Although there are cheaper triple play and broadband options out there, it really depends on what element of each pack you want to prioritise. For those who require and request a faster internet connection then look no further!

Virgin Media is really upping its game when it comes to the provision of its broadband service, recently announcing a partnership with Google to help bring Smart Devices into consumers' homes, making its offering that bit more enticing and competitive.

As always at, we recommend shopping around to find the best deal to suit your particular needs before you make any decisions. Consider a whole range of different suppliers and price plans easily using our price comparison tool today.

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