Top TV deals for the return of the Premier League
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The return of the English Premier League will make many footy fans happy, having been off the air for over three months. But where exactly can you watch all the games?

It’s been a long one hundred days since the action from the top flight ceased due to the coronavirus and, we won’t lie, we’ve been missing it considerably.

Thankfully the best league in the world returned this week with the first two games of the English Premier League having resumed on Wednesday.

If its return has somehow passed you by you’ll be glad to know there’s still a whole lot to play for, and with 92 games yet to be played it’s guaranteed to be a busy footballing schedule with games on almost every day of the week for the next two months, all the way up until the end of the season on July 29th.

Broadcaster Sky Sports has the lion’s share of the games with 64 of the remaining 92, while BT Sport has 20. The remaining eight games are split between BBC Sport which has four and another four will be broadcast from Amazon Prime Video.

With the bulk of games from the premier division kicking off this weekend, it might be good to know the best deals on how to watch each and every live game from here on out.

That’s why we’ve gone to the trouble of compiling a number of the best TV packages for sign up which will help to give you your footy fix non-stop until the end of the season.

TV and Sports Packages

Sky - Sky Signature with Sky Sports

If you’re thinking about where to watch all the live Premier League games and are considering subscribing to a TV service too then there’s nowhere else to look but Sky!

New customers can now sign up to Sky’s Signature TV service with Sky Sports and get 62 channels for only €50 per month for the first six months, €65 per month for the second six months and €76 per month thereafter.

Customers will have access to all the remaining Premier League matches that will be broadcast on Sky Sports, as well as the SPFL, La Liga and other games with the Sky Sports Football channel.

This classic TV deal comes on a standard 12 month contract and with a combined total first year cost of a very reasonable €720 - perfect for fans looking for a reliable and pleasurable TV viewing experience (favourable results for your team-of-choice not included, unfortunately).

Other channels included in this package include Comedy Central, Dave, as well as BBC One which will show four of the eight free-to-air games available.

There is a €30 activation fee for new customers. However, the discounts of €222 on this deal more than make up for it, especially if you could see that many games!

Existing Sky customers will be happy to hear they can also add Sky Sports to their current TV bundle for only €25 per month for the first six months and €40 per month thereafter.

You can find out more on this Signature deal here.

Sky - Sky Signature with Sky Sports & Sports Extra

Sky is also offering a discounted package which includes Sky Sports AND Sky Sports Extra. So if you’re not content with the idea of missing out on any of the live Premier League coverage that’s left, you might want to give this deal a look in, too!

This Signature deal comes with the same 62 channels as above, but has six extra sports channels, including all three from BT Sport, as well as ESPN, and Premier Sports 1 & 2.

With this deal it means you won’t miss any of the games broadcast on BT Sport, nor those on BBC One as they are all free-to-air.

This Sky Sports Extra deal also comes on a 12 month contract and starts at €65 per month for the first six months, €85 per month for the next six, and €96 thereafter.

The combined total first-year cost for the first 12 months is €930, including a €30 activation fee and total discounts of €252 - not bad!

You can sign up to this deal from Sky here.

Virgin Media - Mix TV & Sky Sports

Virgin Media is also offering a great deal for new TV customers which is sure to satisfy the hungriest of football fans for the remainder of the season.

Virgin Media’s Mix TV & Sky Sports package includes a total of 73 channels which includes seven Sky Sports channels, as well as its very own Virgin Media Sport. That means if you sign up to this bundle you could watch up to 68 Premier League games as BBC One is included, too!

The benefits of this package, which just might win over some football fans, is its clear emphasis on entertainment with a number of extra channels offered which are unavailable with Sky Signature, including Comedy Central+1, Challenge, and Film 4.

Mix TV and Sky Sports is available on a 12 month contract and at a more fixed payment of €62 per month for the entirety. This comes to a total first-year cost of a reasonable €744.

New customers won’t have to worry about activation fees with Virgin Media as it’s free, which means the total discount on this deal comes to €96.

Take a look at this Virgin Media deal right here.

Sports only

Now TV - Sky Sports Pass

Now (TV), this is where things get interesting for football fans!

If you already have a TV package that you’re happy with and don’t want to add sports because you don’t want to commit to a contract, you can now watch Sky Sports on a rolling monthly contract without the hassle on Now TV.

But how does it work?

Now TV is offering sports fans different passes to watch the Premier League, giving fans the option of watching the majority of the remaining fixtures shown on Sky Sports for as little as €23 per month for six months.

Customers can save 40% if they choose Now TV’s Sky Sports Pass which gives you access to 11 Sky Sports TV channels including Sky Sports and Sky Sports Football.

It’s also possible to purchase daily and weekly passes for customers who only want to watch a couple of games without the hassle of signing up for a month.

The best part is you’re not tied in, so you can watch the remaining Premier League games on a rolling monthly basis without having to commit to a contract longer than one month at any given time. In effect this means you won't have to pay for Sky Sports during the off-season when there's little to no football being shown.

And that’s not all, if fans of football don’t want to miss out on any games on BT Sport you can add Sky Sports Extra for an extra €17 per month, which means you can have access to the ‘Ultimate Sports Bundle’, as Now TV puts it, for as little as €40 per month for six months.

Contracts do however auto-renew at €39 per month and €34 per month for Sky Sports and Sky Sports Extra respectively unless cancelled, so it’s best to cancel every month to ensure you’re getting the best prices available.

Now TV also allows you to Chromecast to your TV, where the SkyGo app does not, so this could be a sticking point for some consumers when making a decision.

You can see the Sky Sports passes available from Now TV right here.

Sky Sports Mobile TV App

Not only can sports fans watch football on the box, it’s also now possible to watch it on, well, a smaller box with the Sky Sports Mobile TV App.

If you know you won’t be able to watch any game on your TV, or if you simply want to watch games while on-the-go this option might just be the one for you!

By downloading the mobile sports app you can sign up to Sky’s €6.99 plan which will give you access to all the Premier League games shown by the broadcaster, and all from your mobile device.

Customers also have the choice of signing up to the more expensive plan of €13.99 per month which includes more Sky Sports channels, including Sky Sports Football.

If you find using Now TV that bit easier to use you can also sign up to the €6.99 plan through its website with its Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass.

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