Sky offers free 32” TV to new customers
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

Sky is offering a free 32” LG telly to new customers who sign up to any TV deal before May 4th.

Last year, the average adult in Ireland watched 3 hours and 1 minute of live TV and 21 minutes of on-demand TV every day.

That’s nearly 24 hours a week, which is about one-fifth of our total waking hours!

Despite the wide range of video-viewing options now available across countless devices, the telly still accounts for 84% of our total video consumption.

It’s safe to say we really love TV here in Ireland, and the folks at Sky have some exciting news for fans of the box across the country.

What’s the deal?

Sky is now offering a brand new 32" LG TV to new customers who sign up to a TV deal online before May 4th. Tweet this!

The offer is available to all new TV customers. So whether you fancy a TV only deal or a Tripleplay bundle, which comes with broadband and a home phone plan, you’ll get a free telly.

Your new TV will be dispatched within 45 days of signing up.

How can I get it?

Sky’s free TV offer is available now on - just check out the provider’s list of TV deals, pick your favourite and sign up. It only takes a few minutes.

If you’re happy with your broadband and just want Sky’s TV service, you might opt for the provider’s Variety TV deal, which comes with over 90 channels including Sky Atlantic and costs €39 a month.

Alternatively, you could go for a Tripleplay deal such as the Variety, Fibre Unlimited and Talk Freetime bundle, which comes with over 90 channels, 100 Mbps broadband and free off-peak calls to Irish landlines. It costs €84 a month and is a 12-month contract.

All of Sky’s TV deals come with the Sky Q fluid viewing system, which allows you to record three shows and watch a fourth live, pause what you’re watching in one room and resume in another and stream Sky TV on a tablet.

It’s telly time

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing main TV or to add a set to another room in your house, Sky’s free TV offer could be a good move for you.

You can compare all of Sky’s TV offers and sign up to get your new telly on now.