Revealed! The 4 fastest broadband plans in Ireland right now
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

Are you happy with the speed of your broadband? Watch the video below to see if you could be getting a faster speed for less money!

There are number of things to consider when choosing a broadband plan. Price, data limit and availability are all very important, but the number one thing people look for in a new broadband plan is speed! So, which plan is currently offering the fastest speed in the country?

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Today I’m going to tell you the 4 fastest broadband speeds available in Ireland right now

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a broadband plan; availability, price, add-ons and data limit are all important, but since most plans now come with unlimited data as standard, speed is what matters most since it’s what will give your household the bandwidth it needs.

Let’s run through the 4 fastest speeds available right now.

In fourth place, it’s a tie between the 100 Mbps deals available from eir, Pure Telecom, Vodafone, Sky and Digiweb.

The average monthly cost during year one for this speed is €45 with eir, €44 with Pure Telecom, €40 with Vodafone, €40 with Sky and €49.95 with Digiweb.

It’s a good speed that should be sufficient for most households that like to use plenty of social media and stream Netflix from time to time. It’s also the most widely-available speed available in this list, which is another major plus.

In third place, it’s Virgin Media’s 240 Mbps deal. This is Virgin Media’s entry level speed and will cost you an average of €43.33 a month for the first year. The company’s service is only available in urban areas, but that’s still about 750,000 households.

In second place, it’s Virgin Media again, this time with their top-shelf 360 Mbps broadband package, which comes in at an average monthly cost of €53.33 for year one.

This is faster than the best speed available in the UK and was officially named the ‘fastest broadband in Ireland’ by Ookla. And it is the fastest speed that is widely available in Ireland. However, there is a speed out there that’s even faster than Virgin Media’s incredible 360 Mb speed.

In first place, it’s another tie! This time between the 1,000 Mbps plans offered by eir and by Pure Telecom. Now, it’s important to note this speed is available in less than 20 Irish towns at the moment. It’s a good bit more expensive than the other plans listed here too, at an average of €83.75 a month with eir and €85 a month with Pure Telecom.

So, if you’re in one of the lucky 1,000 Mbps towns, such as Letterkenny, Greystones or Castlebar, would you consider nearly twice the price for ten times the speed? Let us know in the comments below.

Despite Ireland’s issues with rural blackspots, there are some exceptional speeds available in certain areas these days.