How to switch your broadband and TV provider and save up to €500
Conor Dever
Staff Writer

This January we're urging everyone to take the Switching Challenge, where you could save as much as €5,000 a year by switching some common household bills. And who could say no to those kinds of savings? In this post we'll be looking at switching broadband and TV provider.

Let's face it, Ireland isn't exactly a cheap country to get broadband, and with society more dependant than ever on the internet, it's becoming a vital service. However many people are paying more than they need to.

Why should I switch broadband and TV provider?

Much like other services, broadband and TV providers save their best deals for new customers, and devote less and less time to the customers they already have. So with that in mind it's always a good idea to check every year or two that you're getting the best deal.

How do I switch provider?

  1. Firstly, head to our broadband and TV comparison service and enter your address or eircode. Then you can easily compare speeds, prices, channels and offers from the providers available in your area. You can search for broadband-only packages or packages with phone and TV, whatever best fits your needs.
  2. To place an order for a new broadband and TV deal all you have to provide is a small number of personal details, such as your name and email address.
  3. To complete your order, you may also be asked to provide your UAN number, which you'll find written on a recent bill - if you're an eir customer, this is your eir account number.
  4. Once we receive your details your order will be processed by your chosen supplier, who may call you to confirm your payment information, and any other information they require to provide your new service.
  5. At this stage you'll need to contact your existing provider to let them know that you're leaving. Most providers will require 30 days' notice of cancellation.  

How much will I save by switching?

Money can be tight at this time of year, and it can seem like an insurmountable task to be able to save to go on holiday in summer, but so much money is being paid needlessly on the most common household bills.

The simple act of switching broadband, phone and TV provider could save you as much as €500 a year or more, based on someone receiving a €40 a month discount on a tripleplay bundle.

So what are you waiting for? Get switching and saving today.

Some watchouts

Switching broadband and TV is a bit more tricky than switching your mobile phone or energy provider, as there could be some time in the crossover when you could be without service and these days can be quite trying, especially if you haven’t had to do without internet for a while!

If you are switching it might be worth having a look at your mobile data package, as sometimes people are able to 'tether' the data from their phone for the few days during the changeover (this is when you synch your mobile with your laptop/computer and use your mobile's internet connection).

A few companies claim to give unlimited data but have a fair usage policy limiting you to 40 or 60 gigabytes a month, so be sure to keep an eye on this as you could get stung with nasty data charges if you run over.

Also, it might be a good idea to have your new broadband and TV up and running before you cancel your existing connection so that you're not at risk of being without service. This means there might a month when you're double billed, but the total savings will definitely make it worth the while still. 

How often should I switch suppliers?

Every time your contract comes to an end you should keep your eyes peeled for better offers.

Some broadband and TV contracts last for only 12 months, whereas others might last for up to two years, so how often you can switch will depend on the length of your contract. 

If you are thinking of switching you can compare deals across all suppliers in just seconds on

Get switching

The easiest money you'll ever earn is the money that you've saved as they say.

So take the Switching Challenge and start switching today.