Eir launches 5G broadband nationwide
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

Eir's new 5G broadband uses its mobile network to connect customers and doesn't require any external installation of equipment. The 5G broadband from Eir is available on billpay for €44.99 per month.

If you live in a rural area with limited broadband options things are starting to look up with a number of providers upping their game.

Only recently rural broadband provider Imagine announced the accelerated rollout of its 5G broadband network for underserved rural customers.

Now customers can add Eir to that list as the provider has officially launched its own 5G broadband for homes and businesses nationwide.

Eir began building its 5G network in 2019 with 57% of the population now able to access the network and in parts of every county.

So what speeds are achievable, where is it available, and how much does it cost? We answer your questions below. 

What’s new?

Eir has launched 5G broadband for customers around the country. 

The service will act as an alternative for customers in rural areas where fixed-line fibre broadband is not yet available.

Eir’s Managing Director of Consumer & Small Business, Susan Brady said that 57% of the population can now access its 5G network making it the largest provider of 5G services.

About the launch Brady went on to say:

The pandemic has underscored the fact that reliable, fast connectivity is essential to all of our lives now. In Eir we have a deep awareness of the importance of that connectivity therefore we are working to deliver more solutions to meet the varying connectivity needs of people and businesses throughout Ireland and 5G is enabling us to deliver more.

How does Eir’s 5G broadband work?

With 5G broadband a wireless signal is broadcast to your home from pylons, towers and similar 5G infrastructure situated in your locality.

This type of broadband usually requires the installation of an external dish or aerial outside the home, however, Eir’s broadband instead harnesses its 5G mobile network.

So all customers need is a 5G router which Eir provides upon sign up.

Once plugged in customers will be able to connect up to 20 devices within their home, which includes laptops, phones, and Smart TVs.

5G operates using a higher frequency so for the signal to be effective customers usually have to be within 15 or 20km of the 5G infrastructure.

How fast is it?

Customers who sign up will generally be able to achieve speeds of up to 250Mbps, as advertised by Eir.

However, speeds of up to 500Mbps will also be possible.

The speed you get will be impacted by factors such as your location (especially in rural areas), proximity to tower infrastructure (the closer the better), as well as the number of people making use of the network at any one time.

Speeds may fall to 4G at times where any of the above factors are in play. However Eir provides 99% 4G coverage around Ireland.  

Eir has also said that its 5G mobile broadband is ‘unlimited’, but customers who take too much advantage of this may have their speeds throttled.

For reference, its 'fair use' data cap is 750GB per month so it’s highly unlikely you'll use more than this, unless you're mining bitcoin!

How much is it?

5G broadband from Eir is available on billpay for €44.99 per month and comes on a 12-month contract, the standard length for most broadband plans nowadays.

In addition to this, Eir charges a one-off equipment cost of €99 for its Huawei 5G router.

So customers can expect to pay €638.88 for the first year.


While Eir’s new 5G broadband isn’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination, it is competitive and provides a solution for homes and businesses that don't yet have access to the high-speed fixed-line fibre broadband currently being rolled out through the National Broadband Plan.

As we noted in a previous post, the advent of 5G will provide underserved customers with more broadband options and, for the first time, properly fast speeds.

5G also allows for far less latency and buffering when online, meaning homes will be able to download music, games and HD videos in seconds, while also facilitating hassle-free working from home.

One of the other major benefits of Eir’s product is that no outside antenna is required, meaning customers can truly have mobile connectivity. 

For example, if you’re travelling for work or are going on holiday this summer, it’s possible to simply bring your router with you, plug it in and connect to a 5G or 4G signal, whichever is available.

This can be equally effective as Eir’s 5G network spans 268 towns and cities, across 904 sites and is complemented with 99% 4G coverage across Ireland.  

It’s also worth noting that Eir’s 5G broadband is €231 cheaper than rival operator Imagine. 

Of course, there are other factors to take into consideration before signing up, not just price...


Despite 5G broadband giving customers more options (which is great), the speeds you will achieve may vary depending on your location and how close, or indeed far away you are to the relevant infrastructure.

And because 5G signals travel shorter distances and are obstructed by physical obstacles, your connection may also be affected by things such as buildings getting in the way or adverse weather conditions.

Where 5G is concerned, capacity will also affect your speed. So if a lot of people are using the same signal you might experience slower speeds.

What’s also worth pointing out is that Eir uses a shared frequency for its 4G and 5G signals whereas the likes of Vodafone and Three do not.

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