Disney+ the latest streaming service to increase its prices
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

Disney+ launched in Ireland just under a year ago and is now one of more than a handful of streaming platforms available to Irish customers.

Following on the back of a recent price increase from rival streaming platform Netflix, Disney+ has become the latest subscription video service to increase its prices.

When Disney+ launched here back in March of last year it charged Irish customers €6.99 for a monthly subscription to the platform.

However, from Tuesday 23rd February new subscribers will have to pay €8.99 a month, an increase of €2 per month on the original price.

More importantly for all the bill payers out there, Disney+ has also increased the cost of its annual subscription, which will rise from €69.99 to €89.99 per year.

Current subscribers

If you're already subscribed to Disney+ you’ll have a slight reprieve from the increase as it’s not set to kick in until August 2021.

That being said, should you cancel your monthly payment and start again sometime down the line before August you can expect to pay the €2 increase.

It will be interesting to see in the coming weeks whether other rival streaming services such as Prime Video have any plans to increase their prices. At the moment we're unsure as to whether or not the price increases are a coincidence or part of a wider trend.

What is known, however, is that platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video especially are all putting massive resources into producing more original content. Netflix even confirmed that part of its price increase would be contributing towards a wider breadth of content, with a particular focus on Originals.

With that in mind it may not be long before Prime Video increases its prices from €5.99 per month.

Meanwhile, the newest channel from Disney+ may be a possible reason for its decision to up its prices...

New channel

Star, the new adult-focused channel from Disney+ goes live on February 23rd for Irish subscribers and is part of an effort by Disney+ to appeal to a wider audience beyond children and Star Wars fans. 

The new channel promises lots of great original and iconic TV shows such as Lost, Modern Family, Sons of Anarchy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Atlanta to name a few.

The new channel is also set to host a number of new and original TV shows from Disney, which will be sure to attract the attention of some of Disney's biggest fans this side of the Atlantic.

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