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6 of the fastest broadband deals in Ireland

6 of the fastest broadband deals in Ireland
Rob Flynn

Rob Flynn

Staff Writer

Have a need for speed? Maybe it's time to upgrade to a faster broadband connection.

It goes without saying that broadband is now one of the most in-demand modern utilities, and nary a day goes by when broadband is not central to the functioning of our society.

At the end of March we saw Netflix having to reduce its streaming bit-rate to prevent congestion online, all due to increased demand as more people were staying indoors due to Covid-19.

And with the increased strain on networks caused by people working from home, it's quite clear that a reliable and quick broadband connection is more important than ever before.

So, if you’re considering upgrading your broadband connection in order to get a much faster speed make sure to check out six of the fastest broadband deals available today.

Fibre-to-the-home connection

One important thing to bear in mind is that to get the fastest speeds available you'll need access to a pure fibre or fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connection. With pure fibre, a high-speed fibre optic cable runs all the way into your home and doesn't rely on the old, copper telephone lines for any of the connection. This makes your broadband connection faster and more reliable.

Virgin Media can provide a maximum speed of 500Mbps to almost one million premises nationwide with its fibre network while SIRO, a joint venture between the ESB and Vodafone, is able to offer speeds of up to 1,000Mbps or 1Gbps in select communities and towns nationwide thanks to its FTTH network rollout.

To check the speeds available in your area, all you need to do is visit our broadband comparison page and enter your address or eircode. If a top-speed, FTTH broadband package is available in your area, it will appear in your results. Currently almost 500,000 homes and premises around Ireland have access to a SIRO connection. 

Vodafone - Gigabit 1000Mbps

What’s included?

Vodafone is the first up on our list and is offering new customers a super-fast broadband connection speed of up to 1000Mbps, all on a 12-month contract.

How much is it?

This fibre-powered broadband package comes in at only €25 for the first six months, €50 for the second six months, and €55 per month thereafter.

What’s special about this plan?

The superfast, pure fibre broadband connection is powered by SIRO, the joint venture between Vodafone and the ESB, which aims to bring high-speed, fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband access to homes across Ireland. 

If that weren’t enough to tempt you to switch, Vodafone is offering free activation as well as an additional new customer discount of €5 off for 12 months - a total discount of €60 for the first year.

This SIRO broadband deal is subject to a 12-month contract which means that including the additional €5 discount above, you’ll have access to superfast FTTH broadband for the small cost of only €450 for the first year!


In light of the outbreak of Covid-19, Vodafone Ireland announced it would be adding extra capacity to its fixed, broadband and mobile networks to cope with demand.

To sign up with Vodafone just click here.

Digiweb - Electric Broadband 1000

What's included?

Digiweb is offering new customers its lightning-quick, 1Gbps broadband deal, and all for a very reasonable discounted price.

What does it cost?

The fibre-powered broadband is priced at only €24.95 per month for the first four months, €54.95 per month for the next eight months, and €59.95 per month thereafter - all on a 12-month contract.

The deal includes a set-up cost of €49 for new customers, which means those who sign up can avail of this superfast, super-reliable fibre broadband connection for only €588.40 in year one.

What's special about this plan?

This fibre broadband connection is also powered by SIRO offering a 100% fibre optic connection straight into your home with the help of the existing electricity network.

SIRO cuts out buffering so is perfect for families who have parents working from home, as well kids who are looking to stream on multiple devices at once. Fibre broadband works just as it’s meant to – all of the time!

Customers can also add a home phone service to this bundle at no extra cost! This includes 1,500 minutes per month to local, national and UK landlines at evenings and weekends, as well as 30 minutes per month to Irish and UK mobiles at evenings and weekends.

SIRO Gigabit Broadband & Talk Off-peak

SIRO Gigabit Broadband & Talk Off-peak

  • Powered by SIRO
  • Off-peak calls to Irish landlines
  • 12 month contract
Unlimited data
First year cost
Monthly cost
Monthly cost

You can sign up with Digiweb here.


Digiweb has assured its customers that services are fully operational and its nationwide network is fully scaled and ready to cope with any increased bandwidth requirements, while its 24-hour network operations centre remains fully staffed.

Pure Telecom - Lightning Speed 1000Mbps

What’s included?

Our next broadband deal is yet another pure fibre-powered connection, this time from Pure Telecom, offering speeds of up to 1000Mbps and delivered again through the SIRO network.

What does it cost?

The deal is on offer for as little as €30 per month for the first six months, with the price reverting to €55 per month for the remainder of the 18-month contract.

The total first year cost comes to €510, including discounts amounting to €150.

What’s special about this plan?

In addition to providing a SIRO-powered broadband connection, Pure Telecom is also offering prospective customers a home phone service, which includes free anytime unlimited calls to Irish landlines.

That means new customers who sign up to this FTTH broadband deal can enjoy superfast broadband, as well as a home phone, for as little as €510 for the first year.

You can sign up with Pure Telecom here.

Eir - 1Gbps Fibre

What's included?

Eir is offering new customers superfast broadband with its 1Gbps fibre broadband deal, including a landline phone with unlimited off-peak local and national calls.

What does it cost?

The deal is on offer on a 24-month contract for 54.99 per month - this works out at 659.88 per year.

What's special about this plan?

You might think this plan is a little expensive in comparison to other similar deals on the market, however, Eir has included a number of worthwhile added extras for those who sign up.

In tandem with Eir's fibre-powered broadband customers will receive an Amazon Prime Video subscription entirely free, and for a whole year!

Customers can also enjoy Eir's fastest ever WiFi with its new fibre box which allows customers to get the 'best ever coverage in those hard to reach places in the home.'

This plan also includes the Eir Sport pack for free, which would usually set you back an extra €30 per month on its own.


Eir recently announced that it would be suspending the charge for its email service, due to come into effect from the end of March. Eir also outlined that its 'focus is to ensure that its essential services can be safely maintained and faults can be repaired' during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Virgin Media - Naked 500

What’s included?

Virgin Media’s Naked 500 deal is next on the list with its fastest broadband deal offering 500Mbps. Boasting average speeds of 490Mbps, this deal is certainly one to consider for families with high internet usage. Virgin Media has its own fibre network and its available to almost 1 million homes and premises around the country. 

What does it cost?

The Naked 500 deal comes in at the reduced price of €59 per month for the first 12 months, reverting to €69 per month thereafter.

The total cost for the first year, taking into account the €120 discounts as well as a €30 set-up cost, comes to €738.

What’s special about this plan?

All broadband customers who sign up with Virgin Media will now get the Virgin Media TV Anywhere Sports App for free with their plan, which gives customers free access to Virgin Media Sport on their phone.

Broadband customers can watch live sports channels on their mobile device by simply downloading the app and signing in using their Virgin Media login details. 

An added bonus of having your WiFi supplied by Virgin Media is that its broadband uses what’s called Smart Wifi, an advanced technology that offers customers 'Channel Optimisation' and 'Airtime Fairness' which ensures you’re always getting the best and fastest speeds available.


Virgin Media said customers can rest assured that its network can withstand any increased usage, which includes peaks throughout the day, in the evenings and at weekends, while Virgin tech are on hand should anything need to change.

To sign up with Virgin Media just click here.

Eir - Broadband

What’s included?

Last but not least, our fourth and final broadband deal comes from Eir who is offering speeds of up to 100Mbps unlimited FTTC broadband.

How much is it?

Eir is offering it’s fastest broadband deal on a 12-month contract for a price of €29.99 per month for the full 12 months, €59.99 per month thereafter, and a total first year cost of only €409.87.

The first year cost includes a one-off activation fee of €49.99 for new customers who sign up.

Customers who wish to add a home phone can also do so at no extra expense, adding off-peak calls to Irish landlines. Off-peak times are from 7pm - 7am Monday to Friday, as well as all day Saturday & Sunday.

What's special about this plan?

With this plan you get the Eir Sport pack for free, which would usually cost about €30 per month by itself, and which now also includes Virgin Media Sport. Eir is also offering all customers who sign up a year's free subscription to Amazon Prime Video - not too shabby. 

As well as that, if you’re a SuperValu Real Rewards member, you can collect points every time you pay your Eir bill by simply linking your Real Rewards card and your Eir account. For every €2 that you pay on your bill, you'll get 1 Real Rewards point. You'll also receive bonus points when you sign up initially.

You can also spend your Real Rewards points in order to save up to €60 every year on your Eir bill, with 250 points knocking €3 off your bill and 500 points knocking off €6.

You can sign up to the Eir deal here.

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