48 dials up the competition in the mobile market with new flexi-data plans
Rob Flynn
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The budget network 48 has relaunched onto the market with two new plans in a bid to poach customers from rival operators such as GoMo.

Remember the mobile network 48? Well they’ve just launched two brand new 'flexi-data' SIM-only deals for new customers who are looking for a better deal on their mobile phone plans.

The self-branded “digital-only, youth mobile network” is back and is showcasing its flexible data features which are sure to attract a range of new customers from rivals such as GoMo and Virgin Mobile.

We take a look at the new plans and what this means for consumers. 

Who is 48?

The network ‘48’ originally launched back in 2012 as Ireland’s ‘first youth-focused, digital mobile brand’ and is powered by Three’s network in Ireland. You might recognise the old logo which included the slogan ‘go conquer’.

The brand took a break for some time, citing the fact that its “plans needed fixing”, and has recently launched back onto the Irish market with two brand new SIM-only deals.

What are the deals?

The newly re-launched mobile network has announced two new SIM-only deals which include a range of new features and which will allow users to enjoy a much more flexible relationship with their mobile data.

The first plan on offer comes in at €9.99 per month and includes 300 minutes of calls, unlimited texts, and most importantly 20GB of data per month.

The second SIM plan costs €14.99 per month, also includes 300 minutes of calls, unlimited texts, but double the data with 40GB on offer for those who sign up.

Both plans also include a EU/UK data roaming allowance for Irish customers which includes roaming data of 7GB per month for the entry-level plan and 9GB for the more expensive plan.

Standard 4G cellular connectivity is included in both plans and is powered by Three’s network infrastructure in Ireland.

The plans are available to new customers and there is no limit to the number of new people who can sign up.

New flexible data 

The mobile network has included a range of new flexible data features as part of its newly released plans, unavailable from other mobile operators.

The features will allow users to carry over, share, as well as borrow data from other users and can all be done through the My48 mobile app.

Here’s what you can do with your data, according to 48:

  • Carry data - this allows users to carry forward any unused data to the following month so that you don't lose it.
  • Save data - allows users to save 5GB of data for an emergency.
  • Share data - allows users to share some of their data with friends who are also using the 48 network. 
  • Swap data - allows users to exchange unused minutes for increased data.
  • Borrow data - allows users to avail of 1GB of extra data every month. This data is then deducted from your allowance the following month.
  • Donate data - 48 customers can choose to donate 1GB of their data (equivalent to 50 cents) to FoodCloud, 48’s chosen charity.

Eilis Fitzgerald, Marketing Manager, 48, said:

“We’re incredibly excited to unveil our two new membership plans today. Since 2012, 48 is Ireland’s first digital-only youth mobile network and more recently we recognised the need to freshen up our membership plans to better suit our customers' needs.

We have listened to our target market and have created a mobile experience that is truly different, offering the flexibility that our customers crave. Finally, Ireland has a mobile network serving the youth market, offering a revolutionary data experience, greater flexibility at an affordable price point.”

For customers who are still unconvinced, it’s possible to apply for a trial of 48’s service by ordering a SIM preloaded with 1GB of data before choosing to activate your account.

48 versus GoMo

The new plans from 48 are a clear attempt at poaching some of the younger demographic which has heretofore been hoovered up by rival GoMo.

Whereas GoMo is now offering unlimited mobile calls and texts for €12.99 a month with an 80GB fair usage cap per month on its data, 48 is offering 300 minutes of calls, unlimited texts and 20GB of data per month with its cheapest plan at €9.99.

For many 48's offering will still satisfy their mobile and data needs, particularly when you include the ability to share, carry forward and borrow data.

However, for more prolific consumers of data and those who know that they'll need unlimited calls and texts, it’s still hard to beat GoMo’s plan. And while 48's €14.99 a month plan is also good value, it might be a bit too steep for some at €14.99 a month, and for only half the data allowance of GoMo i.e. 40GB.

Another thing to consider with the new plans from 48 is that they are not being advertised as ‘For Life’ as is seen with rival GoMo's plan. In other words, you shouldn’t have an expectation that 48’s €9.99 plan will stay at that price indefinitely; it is liable to change.

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