You can now open a KBC current account with your mobile
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

KBC Bank has become the first retail bank in Ireland to make it possible for customers to open a current account from a mobile device.

Last December, the CSO revealed that online banking is the third most popular online activity in Ireland.

A massive 64% of Irish people now use online banking services, leaving only email-checking and social-networking as more popular things to do while online.

Convenience has become an increasingly important aspect of banking in Ireland, with contactless payments, mobile banking and easy online transfers now a basic expectation of many customers.

KBC Bank has certainly been watching these developments in behaviour and has today launched a brand new app which will take convenience to a whole new level.

Ireland’s first mobile current account opening service

From today, it is possible for customers to open a current account with KBC entirely by mobile. That means no queuing in a bank, no more paperwork and well, no more hassle!

Here’s how it works…

For step one, you'll need to download the app and register your details.

You’ll then be asked to supply a personal ID and proof of address. The good news is that this can all be done by taking a photo with the camera on your phone or tablet and uploading it to the app. You’ll then be sent an activation code via text to confirm that you are who you say you are. Nice and safe.

After that, you can pick the current account you want (more on that later) and answer a few more regulatory and personal questions to add further security to the process.

Finally, you'll be issued your IBAN and asked to upload and submit your final documents. And that's it!

Now let's see what KBC is offering in terms of current accounts.

KBC’s current accounts

KBC is offering two different current accounts through its new app.

With the bank’s standard current account, you’ll be charged a quarterly fee of €6 and €0.30 cent every time you use an ATM or lodge a cheque (you can avoid the €0.30 cent fee if you keep a minimum balance of €2,000 in your current account at all times).

Other features of the account include fee-free contactless payments, direct debit payments and debit card purchases.

KBC’s EXTRA current account allows you to avoid all fees if you lodge €2,500 into your account every month.

The account also comes with a range of discounts on the likes of mortgages and loans with KBC, as well as bonus rates on savings accounts.

Switch to avoid paying unnecessary fees

By making it significantly easier to open a current account with its new app, KBC Bank may well see an increase in the number of people switching current accounts to join its ranks.

Transaction and quarterly fees can quietly add up to a big sum if your existing current account doesn't suit your spending and savings habits.

If you aren’t sure what you’re paying in annual current account fees, you can compare all current accounts on our Compare Current Accounts now.

And if KBC’s current account offer is the one that sounds best to you, switching will be easier than ever!