Which banks offer Google Pay and Apple Pay?
Robyn Hamilton
Staff Writer

Over the last couple of years, both Google Pay (formerly Android Pay) and Apple Pay (apps that allow you to use your phone to pay for items online and at contactless point-of-sale terminals) have made a big splash in the Irish market. The question is, does your bank carry them? Find out here.

Before we launch into a bank-by-bank breakdown, what exactly are Google and Apple Pay and how do they work? Here’s a quick reminder:

How do Apple Pay and Google Pay work?

To make payments quick and seamless just download the appropriate app from the App/Play Store (Apple Pay for iPhone users and Google Pay for Android users) and register your debit or credit card to your phone.

You’ll need to have an NFC enabled phone for either app to work, so make sure to check that your device has it before you download anything.  

Then, you’ll be able to pay for items at point of sale by scanning your phone to the payment terminal, just as you would for a contactless card payment. It’s that simple!

The app also allows you to make in-app purchases with the likes of Amazon, Deliveroo and Uber. Since the app remembers your payment details, you won’t have to enter your long debit card number and address for every purchase.

Google and Apple Pay are perfect for when you need to make a quick purchase and your debit/credit card isn’t handy because you’ll more than likely always have your phone on you.

There are also no fees for using Google or Apple Pay so it's already better than chip and pin which can incur fees for some banks. 

KBC recently reported that over 78,000 payments have been made with the bank since it launched the apps and one would presume that they are proving just as popular with the other banks that provide the service.  The questions is, does your bank support them? Let’s see:

AIB: Supports Apple Pay and Google Pay

AIB was one of the first banks back in December, along with KBC, to introduce Google Pay to the Irish market. Since then, several other banks followed suit but it wasn’t until last month that iPhone-using AIB customers were able to join the party when Apple Pay was also made available.

Ulster Bank: Supports Apple Pay and Google Pay

Ulster Bank launched Apple Pay in March, followed by Google Pay back in May of this year.

KBC: Supports Apple Pay and Google Pay

KBC launched Google Pay at around the same time as AIB back in December 2016. Following its successful introduction, Apple Pay was later introduced in March 2017. Both launches helped KBC in its commitment to a digital-first strategy, which has been very successful for the bank so far.

Bank of Ireland: Does not support Apple Pay or Google Pay

Bank of Ireland has as of yet made no moves towards launching either Apple or Google pay. Customers will have to wait and hope that the service becomes available or switch current accounts to a supporting bank.

Permanent TSB: Does not support Apple Pay or Google Pay

Like Bank of Ireland, Permanent TSB has made no announcements concerning the launch of Apple or Google Pay.

Google and Apple Pay quick view table:


Bank of Ireland

Ulster Bank

Permanent TSB


Google Pay






Apple Pay






Is your bank not supported?

If you’d like to benefit from Apple or Google Pay but your bank doesn’t currently support it, it might be in your interest to consider switching banks altogether. The process is actually quicker and easier than you might think, and you can compare current accounts on bonkers.ie super easily.