KBC launches new five-minute current account app
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

KBC has launched an innovative new app, which allows customers to open a current account from their smartphones in five minutes, and get €5 credit as a reward.

It just became a whole lot easier to open a current account with KBC.

The self-proclaimed “digital-first” bank claims that new customers can open an account from their smartphones in just five minutes and immediately begin paying for items with their ‘Instant Digital Debit Card’.

How does it work?

KBC’s new app is available now on Android and Apple devices, and the account-opening process sounds pretty straightforward:

  1. Download and open the KBC app and enter your name, mobile phone number, date of birth and mother’s maiden name
  2. KBC will text you an activation code which you enter when prompted, along with your own personal security code
  3. Upload a photograph of your driving licence or passport
  4. Upload a selfie
  5. Answer a few legal questions and add your digital debit card to Apple or Android Pay

€5 credit

When you open an account through KBC’s new app, you’ll be given €5 credit as a little thank-you.

You’ll be able to start spending straight away, via Android Pay or Apple Pay (both of which have been available to KBC customers for a few months now).

KBC will also send you a physical debit card, which you’ll receive in the post a few days after opening your account.

Digital-first bank

KBC’s new app is a welcome innovation in the increasingly-creative current account market and is another first for the bank, which prides itself on providing digital solutions for its customers.

It was the first bank to make it possible to open a current account from a smartphone and was the first bank to offer both Android Pay and Apple Pay in Ireland.

Current account switching figures are notoriously low in Ireland, with many customers believing it is too complicated to open an account with a new bank.

Thankfully, we are starting to see creativity and competition re-enter the day-to-day banking market in Ireland, which is certainly welcome news for consumers.

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