Credit card company Avantcard launches its first ever rewards programme
Robyn Hamilton
Staff Writer

Avantcard has just launched its first ever rewards programme. The programme, known as ‘Avantages’, now offers Avantcard credit card customers access to hundreds of discounts, special offers, cashback deals, and competitions.

Have you been waiting for the day for a credit card offering some decent rewards to come around? Avantcard; Ireland’s only dedicated provider of credit card and personal loan products, reckons it has the answer with its new ‘Avantages’ rewards programme.  

Customers can choose from a range of rewards categories including travel, entertainment, dining, fashion and beauty, health and fitness, grocery shopping, technology, motoring and lots more.

There is also a wide variety of online courses to help develop personal and professional skills at discounted prices. All Avantcard customers have to do is register through their online banking account to gain instant access to all of these rewards.

Let’s take a look at the details:

Avantages Rewards:

Similar to AIB’s ‘Everyday Rewards’ programme, Avantages rewards has teamed up with a number of retailers to offer Avantcard holders discounts across a broad range of categories. Discounts are available from over 350 retailers and outlets, both online and in-store.  

Categories include travel, entertainment, dining, fashion and clothing, health & well-being, sports & fitness, food & wine, jewellery, beauty & cosmetics, computers & internet, motoring and much more.

Brands like Argos, ASOS, Captain Americas, Circle K, Easons, Eurocamp, Halfords, Hertz, M&S, Nike, Pigsback, Quickpark, Sky, Superdry,Tesco, Thérapie clinics represent a small sample of the many partnerships Avantcard has made with retailers.

Avantages Competitions:

Avantcard customers can now also sign up to receive emails keeping them up to date on regular competitions to be in with a chance to win great prizes including VIP tickets to high profile concerts and sporting events across Ireland, as well as luxury holidays both locally and abroad.

Avantages Mastercard Priceless Cities:

Avantcard customers can now also gain access to Mastercard’s Priceless Cities programme (which is already available to most Mastercard holders across Ireland’s banks).

Mastercard Priceless Cities provides access to unforgettable experiences in cities around the world, for example; weekends away, family breaks and unique culinary experiences.

Avantages and

Through Avantcard’s partnership with, customers will receive 4% cashback whenever they make a reservation using the dedicated link available through their online banking account.  The cashback is then credited directly back to their credit card after the customer has completed their stay. searches and compares accommodation throughout the world to offer customers the best deal on holiday accommodation.

Lots to consider

To many of us, it feels like the banks have done nothing but take from us in recent years - a feeling that rings especially true for anyone who’s had an eye on the abysmal savings rates across the board right now

Therefore, it’s a welcome change to see a credit card operator offering back some genuinely compelling rewards.   

Regarding the launch of Avantages Rewards, Chris Paul, Managing Director, Avantcard said:

“We are delighted to launch our new rewards programme ‘Avantages’ to all our credit card customers. ‘Avantages’ will benefit our customers by saving money on hundreds of well-known brands, with offers and discounts across a wide range of categories.  The new rewards programme is packed full of a wide assortment of great offers such as cashbacks, discounts and free-to-enter competitions for our customers.

“At Avantcard, we don’t operate “one size fits all’ approach.  Every consumer has individual needs and interests, so we focus on bringing products and services that are made just for them. This is only the beginning for Avantages and we plan on adding to the programme over the coming months with more exciting developments to make sure there is something in Avantages for everyone”

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