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Announcing Current Accounts Week on

Announcing Current Accounts Week on
Mark Whelan

Mark Whelan

Staff Writer

It’s Current Accounts Week, here at Over the next five days, we will be answering any questions you’ve ever had about your account and will be hosting a Facebook live Q&A at 1pm on Friday.

Do you know what your bank charges every time you ‘tap and go’? Ever wondered how to get Android Pay on your phone? Have you thought about switching banks but not really known where to start?

Well, now’s your chance to have all of your current account questions answered once and for all!

This week on, we’re taking a deep dive into the often-confusing world of current accounts.  We will be looking at everything from contactless fees and fee waivers to banking apps and Apple Pay and will be hosting a Facebook live Q&A at 1pm on Friday, May 19th.

To have your question answered live on, just tweet us using #askbonkers, email us at or leave a comment below this piece.

Ireland’s current accounts in numbers

  • There are 5.2 million current accounts in Ireland, with almost €20 billion on deposit.
  • Did you know that there was over €1.6 billion withdrawn from ATM in March of this year? And, most pressingly, did you know that banks charge up to 35 cent every time you visit the hole in the wall?
  • Did you know that Irish people spent €856 million on their debit card while abroad in the first three months of this year? But do you know what additional fees (if any) your bank charges for overseas use?
  • Did you know that some banks will now pay you every time you use your debit card? And did you know that other banks charge as much as 20 cent every time you enter your PIN into a point-of-sale terminal?
  • It is estimated that less than 0.1% of Ireland’s banking customers switch current accounts. This is the type of stat that leaves the banks quite content to charge you for simply for the right to keep your money in their coffers.

Do any of these stats surprise you? Do they reveal anything about Irish people’s attitudes to banks? Do they prompt any questions?

Facebook live Q&A: Friday May 19th, 1pmOver the course of the coming week, we will be taking your comments and questions about current accounts and will be answering them live on our Facebook page at 1pm on Friday.

It’s a confusing area for all of us and one in which it pays to be in-the-know. We’re here on the blog, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and email ( to answer your questions during the first ever Current Accounts Week at

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