Android Pay has arrived in Ireland…for AIB and KBC customers
Mark Whelan
Staff Writer

AIB and KBC have become the first two banks in Ireland to offer Android Pay to customers. The app will allow current account holders to pay for good and services with their phones at point of sale.

How does it work?

To get up an running, you must download the Android Pay app from Google Play and register your debit or credit card to your phone.

Then, you’ll be able to pay for items at point of sale by scanning your phone to the payment terminal, just as you would for a contactless card payment.

To pay for items over €30, you’ll have to unlock your phone before being able to pay with Android Pay.

The app also allows you to make in-app purchases with the likes of Amazon, Deliveroo and Uber. Since the app remembers your payment details, you won’t have to enter your long debit card number and address for every purchase.

Who is eligible?

To use Android Pay from today, you must meet the following three criteria:

  • Be an AIB or KBC current account holder (if you're feeling left out, you can always switch current accounts)
  • Have an NFC-enabled Android phone (e.g Samsung, HTC, Sony)
  • Be running Android’s KitKat 4.4 operating system or higher

Is it secure?

Yes, according to Google anyway (and we tend to believe what they say, don’t we?).

The Android Pay app uses encryption and tokenisation to secure your details, meaning that your actual card number is never actually shared with a shop. Instead, the app generates a new virtual number with every purchase.

Therefore, there’s an argument that it’s actually much safer than paying by card, as most of us now do without a second thought.

If your phone is lost of stolen, you can immediately lock it with a new password and wipe it clean of all personal information through the Android Device Manager. And since your card details aren’t actually stored on your device, you won’t have to cancel your cards.

Will Android Pay help with budgeting?

It might.

After every purchase, useful information about your transaction history will be sent directly to your phone. With easier access to your spending history through the app, you could be able to manage your ins and outs more easily than ever.

Cashless society

Early adopters will be excited to give Android Pay a whirl and it is expected that other banks will follow AIB and KBC in making it available to customers before too long.

It is the latest step in the evolution of digital banking and another large leap towards a cashless society.