AIB Launches Fitbit pay in Ireland
Conor Dever
Staff Writer

Fitbit are muscling in on Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Garmin pay, in the increasingly competitive contactless market in what is just the latest in a long line of additions to AIB’s digital wallets.

Picture the scene, it’s early, cold, and dark. Not too long before you had wrestled yourself from the warm, safe, embrace of your bed to finally go for that jog you told everyone in the pub about. You have pushed yourself through puddles, slippy leaves, and searing lung pain to the top of the hill and you’re finished. All you want is a nice cup of tea when you get home, but you remember there is no milk and your wallet is at home. 

The frustration is palpable, you feel betrayed, but then you remember. You have your Fitbit watch and you are with AIB.

Laps and taps

Thanks to the news this week that Fitbit pay is now available to AIB customers, members can now tap their wearable to make payments of less than €30 with the feature being made available to those of you who have the Fitbit Versa, Ionic, and Charge 3 (special edition).

But if you don’t have any of those there is no need to worry, as Fitbit is giving AIB customers 20% cashback off purchases over €150 through their AIB Everyday Rewards scheme.

Fergal Coburn, AIB Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, said: “We are delighted to be launching Fitbit Pay as our latest mobile first innovation and addition to our digital wallet. This allows customers to decide the way they prefer to make payments, freeing them up to spend less time banking, and more time living."

"AIB is the number one provider of personal main current accounts in Ireland, and we're delighted to provide our customers with the convenience and choice of using Fitbit Pay.”

Once you have the app set up, and followed the instructions to set up your card, using your Fitbit to pay couldn’t be easier.

Simply hold the button at the side of your wearable until the card you want comes up - At the moment you can use either Visa debit or Visa credit - Then simply tap your Fitbit against a terminal and you’re good to go.

The race is on

This will make AIB the second bank to offer the service after KBC, who also offer Apple pay, Garmin pay,  and Google pay. However Fitbit pay with KBC only supports Mastercard.

“We’re thrilled to work with AIB to bring Fitbit Pay to their customers in the Republic of Ireland,” said Des Power of Fitbit International.  

“By delivering new and exciting experiences through our banking partners, Fitbit Pay allows us to deliver on our mission to help people around the world get healthier. With the discount offered through the AIB Everyday Rewards programme, we hope that more AIB customers will take a step into their health and fitness journey with Fitbit.”

If you're hesitant about using contactless, there is no need to worry though.

As Fitbit pay uses new security tokenisation technology, the Fitbit will allow you to make small purchases while not sharing your card details with merchants or Fitbit themselves.

This is more positive news for contactless as the sector is expected to grow to 760 million users worldwide by 2020, with Apple alone expecting to double its user base to 227 million.

So you can leave the wallet at home and literally run to the shop for a few bits.

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